Pro Agramunt re-elected PACE President in 2017

The parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe officially chose Pedro Agramunt as its President for a term of one year, reports «European true».

Agramunt was President of the Assembly in 2016. At the end of the year, a question was raised about how to prevent his election for a second year because of complaints about his activities, but this idea is not found sufficient support.

The re-election of Agramunt held, avoiding a vote – under the rules of the Assembly, re-approval of the President is automatic if the presidential elections have only one candidate. No other member of the Assembly not announced his candidacy.

«I will do everything possible to worthily lead the PACE, despite all the difficulties faced by the Assembly,» said Agramunt.

The PACE President during the past year have made an effort to withdraw sanctions against the Russian Federation, but did not succeed. Also, it is known that interrupted a long tradition of communication with the press in Strasbourg.

Pro Agramunt re-elected PACE President in 2017 23.01.2017

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