Private bailiffs will appear in Ukraine no earlier than in March

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine States that private bailiffs will be in Ukraine after the March, «Interfax-Ukraine».

«I think that sometime in March the first exam possible. When they start to work? I say again after the exams they must prove that they have insurance policy in accordance with the requirements established by the legislation that their office is equipped with and meets the requirements established by the Ministry of justice and in principle: they receive a certificate and enter the registry,» — said the Deputy Minister of justice in the Executive service Sergiy Shklyar at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday, 19 January 2016.

The Deputy Minister noted that the register of private bailiffs will be open, and everyone will be able to check whether this or that person a private contractor to know the location of his office and hours of operation.

If the license to conduct activities of private bailiff is suspended or cancelled, such information will appear in the registry.

According to Shklyar, the private contractor may be a citizen of Ukraine to 25 years of age who has higher legal education, two years experience, will be trained, pass a qualifying examination, and internship (this does not apply to former state executors, Trustees in bankruptcy, notaries and lawyers with experience).

Each private contractor shall insure its activities and to pass the test of the Ministry of justice on its conformity to the requirements of the office.

At the moment there is a set in study groups. The duration of training of those wishing to become private bailiffs — 23 days.

As previously reported, the Institute of private enforcement agents introduced by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 2 July 2016. The day after the adoption of the law No. 2506-a «On the bodies and persons engaged in enforcement of judicial decisions and decisions of other bodies» as a whole voted 239 people’s deputies.

«We remove a lot of bureaucratic procedures, we introduce a mixed system of enforcement of court decisions and introduce the institution of private executors,» commented then-Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, introducing a presidential bill when considering it in the first reading.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of justice said that private players will work in business and family disputes, and judicial decisions related to state Affairs, run by public performers.

The Minister noted that receiving the court’s decision of the Ukrainian citizens must have a guarantee that this decision will be made.

According to him, unfortunately, today in Ukraine is only 20% of judicial decisions.

Private bailiffs will appear in Ukraine no earlier than in March 19.01.2017

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