«PrivatBank» wants to sell its subsidiary in Latvia

The Ukrainian «PrivatBank» plans to sell its stake in Latvian AS «PrivatBank». This was reported by the press service of «PrivatBank».

«The Supervisory Board of «PrivatBank» have agreed on a contract with one of the leading Ukrainian companies, which is a partner of Rothschild in Ukraine, to find buyers of shares in the Bank AS «PrivatBank» (Latvia), as well as training and support this transaction,» the Bank said.

It is noted that the assistance of the mediator should facilitate the rapid process of negotiation with potential investors and to avoid conflict of interest with other companies representing the interests of the other owners of the banks.

Today the state «PrivatBank» owns 46,5% of the share capital of AS «PrivatBank». The Latvian daughter Bank is an independent credit institution.

«PrivatBank» wants to sell its subsidiary in Latvia 21.12.2017

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