«PrivatBank» has filed a lawsuit against their former owners

In the High court in London began hearing on the claim of the state of»PrivatBank» to the ex-owners of financial institutions, according to ZN.UA.

According to the publication, the state represented by the «PrivatBank» has addressed in court to return derived from the Bank funds and to repay outstanding obligations to refinance.

The source ZN.UA told that the case is at the stage of decision-making on security measures. According to the source, «PrivatBank» asks the court to arrest the property of former owners of the Bank in the amount of $3 billion for the period of the proceedings. The publication writes that the judges provided a list of the related assets.

It is noted that the direction of the «PrivatBank» is represented by Hogan Lovells.

21 Dec 2016 Fund for guaranteeing deposits of natural persons signed a contract for the sale of 100% of shares of «PrivatBank» to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. At the suggestion of the Bank and shareholders of the «PrivatBank», the largest of which at that time was Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, the financial institution was nationalized.

The state received 100% of the share capital, as «PrivatBank» capital was increased to 116.8 billion. Igor Kolomoisky, as well as related companies and individuals filed nearly 90 lawsuits in connection with the nationalization of banks for a total of 8,913 billion.

The Chairman of the NBU Valery Gontareva stated that «PrivatBank» prior to nationalization brought UAH 2.6 bn.

The Director of the financial stability Department of the NBU Vitaly vavrischuk reported that, given the planned additional infusion of capital in «PrivatBank», each Ukrainian on the average paid more than 3.5 thousand UAH for the «salvation» of the Bank.

«PrivatBank» has filed a lawsuit against their former owners 20.12.2017

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