Prison riot in Brazil has claimed the lives of about 60 people

A prison riot in Manaus in Northwest Brazil claimed the lives of about 60 people. The rebellion began in prison», Anisio Jobim» in the afternoon of 1 January and lasted more than 17 hours, according to broadcaster Globo.

The prisoners staged a shootout with police and took 12 guards hostage. They used pistols, shotgun and improvised weapons. According to the head of the security service of the Brazilian state of Amazonas Sergio Fontes, riot victims were 60 people. The death toll could rise, said officials at a press conference, writes

Fontes called bloody rebellion «largest massacre in the prison system» state. According to him, law enforcement took the situation at the prison under control around seven in the morning on Monday, January 2. Also, Fontes reported that the conversion of inmates to determine how many of them managed to escape during a riot.

The riot ended around 8:30 in the morning, after he was released last hostage, the territory took control of the police and the rapid reaction force Rocam, quotes site Jornal A Critica Fontes interview with the local radio station. The death toll in the clashes varies from 50 to 60 people.

According to Reuters, the cause of the rebellion was a war between rival drug cartels in the city of Manaus, located in Amazonas state, the Agency reports citing data from the officials.

As reported by city newspaper Em Tempo, some of the participants of the rebellion were beheaded or dismembered and the bodies were moved through the prison wall. Newspaper reports 80 deaths. According to Fontes, police found a hole in the wall, through which, they believe, in the building was carried a weapon.

Fontes confirmed the facts of decapitation at the press conference, and the judge Luis Carlos Valois, who led the negotiations with the prisoners, I noticed on his page in Facebook that was a lot of blood and dismembered bodies, and he «never anything like it in my life seen». It is estimated that the victims were from 50 to 60, but «it’s hard to tell exactly, because many were dismembered,» he explained.

«Anisio Jobim» — the largest prison in Manaus, an industrial city on the banks of the Amazon river in the North-West of Brazil.

Recall that in 2007, about 500 inmates of the prison in the Brazilian city of Manaus rebelled. They managed to capture four of the hostages (two of whom are teachers of the prison school). Rebellious prisoners require the authorities to increase the time of meetings with relatives, better legal aid and improve sanitary conditions in prison.

Prison riot in Brazil has claimed the lives of about 60 people 03.01.2017

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