Prigogine about Putin, After meeting with him, getting enchanted. He is damn charming. Yanukovych can not do that

Russian producer Joseph Prigogine in the broadcast channel «Rain» on 12 January expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to participate in presidential elections in Russia in 2018.

Prigozhin said he and several other Russian artists of the initiative group that nominated Putin, offered to be his Trustees, and they «readily agreed».

The producer said that the elections in 2012 he was not a confidant of Putin.

«Today we are witnessing the world’s total collapse. And so light on hatred towards our country… it seems that in our country, in General, there is a leader whom we trust. And if the leader decided to assume once again responsibility for the country, for what is happening in this country… Well, it’s not like a kamikaze. And I decided to trust him once again in the hope that the next five-year plan for us will be the largest not only economic growth, but also our credibility will return to the world stage. I’m counting on it,» – said Prigogine.

According to him, «political ambition and leadership,» Putin was for the Western countries «unexpected».

«They didn’t think Russia will have a powerful and strong leader with the ability to repel on certain international issues. It is connected with the Middle East, which was very friendly towards the USSR. We do not set fire to the middle East, we initiated the Russian-Ukrainian war. I’m absolutely sure. If we talk in legal format, this is the last term of Putin – or he needs to change the Constitution, or remain. The last time he would probably have wanted to go differently, beautifully, and finding the right successor who would not have sold Russia for a penny, propyl,» – said the producer.

Prigogine also called Putin a «very charming».

«We are not a slaver, it’s not for us. We are familiar with a large number of presidents of different countries and States. We can get an idea about the specific likes or dislikes. After any meeting with Vladimir Vladimirovich you go spellbound. I swear. He is very charming, with sense of humor, and so reduces the distance and remains a simple man, and delves into some subtleties that I simply amazed. We have met with many leaders, we Yanukovich met, he can not do that», he said.

Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 18 March 2018.

Putin announced his intention to run on 6 December 2017. The party «United Russia» welcomed his decision to go on elections as the independent candidate.

On 26 December the initiative group officially nominated Putin a candidate for President of Russia. On 28 December, the CEC registered the group of voters and allowed Russian President to start a campaign. 5 January in Russia, it began collecting 300 thousand signatures in support of nomination of Putin.

On 12 January at the headquarters Putin said that he had collected the necessary number of signatures in support of his self-promotion.

According to the survey «Levada-center» held from 1 to 5 December, the incumbent President in the elections is ready to support the 61% of respondents.

Prigogine about Putin, After meeting with him, getting enchanted. He is damn charming. Yanukovych can not do that 13.01.2018

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