Preventive surgery in the Donetsk region: police seized hundreds of explosive devices and 15.5 kg of drugs

Management of the Donetsk regional police Central Board and the heads of territorial departments discussed the results launched in November in some localities and districts preventive operations of national police and national guard.

«Today held a working meeting with heads of territorial subdivisions on the results of preventive operations in Mariupol, Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, Volnovakha district. Ongoing development of the Slavic area. The events involved 1700 police officers and national guard soldiers,» wrote the chief of General Directorate of national police of Ukraine in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook on Tuesday 22 November.

According to him, since early November, documented 105 seizures of illegal weapons, 84 grenades, more than 300 explosive devices, 4 anti-tank grenade launcher, more 11tys. cartridges. Solved 287 drug-related crimes, and of the illicit seizure of 15.5 kg of drugs, which cost at the prices «black market» makes more than 1,5 million UAH.

«In order to assess whether this is a serious amount of work, I would say that our regional scientifically-research ekspertno-the criminalistic center does not manage to make timely examination of such number of seizures of weapons, ammunition, explosives, narcotic substances. While an examination of only a third are withdrawn», — said Abroskin.

In addition, inform the chief of the regional Department of police, for the period militiamen detained «69 criminals were wanted, and the whereabouts of 33 people who were considered missing persons» and criminal proceedings are now involved 364.

«Most of the issues came to Alexander, St. Nicholas, Kalmiuska. Mangusson and the police. Apparently, the leadership of these offices has sat in the offices, it’s time to get out of them and still work effectively in each area of their territory,» — expressed the opinion Abroskin.

In this vein, he noted that those leaders and police officers, which will soon not be able to organize their units to the normal work aimed at prevention and detection of crime, «will receive as much as accumulated».

«Literally in October on the payment of decent salaries to the officers of the criminal unit of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated additional funds. Communism we do not have to pay everyone equally. But the ability to motivate employees for better work performance, thanks to the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov«, — Abroskin wrote.

Recall, November 1, at the railway station in Mariupol detained the man, who was going to carry to Kiev a bag with grenades.

Preventive surgery in the Donetsk region: police seized hundreds of explosive devices and 15.5 kg of drugs 23.11.2016

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