Presidential candidate the US has promised to revive the Pink Floyd

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party John following keysik promised to revive the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd.

According to The Guardian, he was going to fulfill his promise in case of victory on elections, transfers

«Roger waters is a great musician. I attended his show The Wall in Pittsburgh, it was incredible. If I become President, I will try to do everything to Pink Floyd reunited and played at least a couple of songs, » he said following keysik.

Roger waters, the founder of the group, and the other band members had a falling out in 1985. The band toured and released the albums without him, and he began solo performances. In 2015 the leader of Pink Floyd David Gilmour announced that the group ceases to exist.

Pink Floyd – British progressive/psychedelic rock band from Cambridge – was founded in 1965. In the entire history of the world has sold 300 million albums, not including solo works.

Pink Floyd is famous for its philosophical texts, acoustic experiments, innovations in the design of the albums and a great show. Is one of the most successful in rock music, is in seventh place in the world for number of sold albums.

The name «Pink Floyd» originated after a series of renaming group «Sigma 6», «T-Set», «Meggadeaths», «The Screaming Abdabs, The Architectural Abdabs and The Abdabs». Though initially the group was called «The Pink Floyd Sound» and then just «The Pink Floyd», (after two Blues musicians from Georgia — Pink Anderson and Floyd Council).

The first part of the group «Pink Floyd» included fellow students at the architectural faculty of the London Polytechnic Institute Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals), Roger waters (bass guitar, vocals) and nick Mason (drums) and Cambridge friend Syd Barrett (vocals, guitar).

Released in August 1967 debut album «The Piper at the Gates of Dawn» is considered the best example of English psychedelic music. The album was successful and became the sixth in the UK charts.

Latest album, The Endless River, was released in 2014.

Presidential candidate the US has promised to revive the Pink Floyd 05.02.2016

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