President Obama in recent times was awarded the medal of Freedom

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday, November 22, they held a ceremony of awarding the highest award for civilians – the Presidential medal of Freedom to artists, sports figures, scientists and philanthropists. All awards were given to 21 outstanding personality, reports UKRINFORM.

«Everyone on this stage touched me deeply and personally. It’s the people who helped me become who I am, and reflect on my presidency», — quotes the American leader of The New York Times.

Among those who received Tuesday’s award – actors Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Cicely Tyson, TV host Ellen DeGeneres, famous basketball players Michael Jordan and Abdul-Jabbar, musicians Bruce Springsteen and Diana Ross, philanthropists bill and Melinda gates and many more.

Recall, the presidential medal of Freedom (Presidential Medal of Freedom) established by decree of President Harry Truman in 1945 to reward civilians for service during the Second world war.

After the war she left its value and now is awarded to people for particularly significant contribution to the promotion of the national interests of the United States and American culture, as well as for other achievements. During this time the medals were awarded famous Americans, as well as foreign dignitaries, such as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Polish President Lech Walesa and others.

Recall that billionaire Donald trump won the US presidential election on 9 November 2016. Democrat Barack Obama has led the United States for two consecutive terms.

President Obama in recent times was awarded the medal of Freedom 23.11.2016

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