Presentation of «Public television»

Presentation of PJSC «National public television of Ukraine» (registered as a legal entity on 19 January) was held in UKRINFORM.

This is the correspondent of the Agency.

Stets: the competition for the head of the Board of the Public television will be a competition of concepts

«Now in Ukraine there are no more internal public broadcaster. The state we have left is broadcasting, which is engaged in the Ministry of information policy… But with state broadcasting in the country from now on (done. — Ed.). It will be equipped according to European standards», — said at the presentation of the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech Victoria syumar.

According to her, it is a demonstration that the state is changed and seeks «to control everything», and work in the interests of every citizen.

Sumar also said that the process of creation of Public television has the full support of the international organizations.

The Chairman of the state television and radio Oleh Nalyvaiko, in turn, reported that on January 25 the government must approve the use of funds to support public broadcasting.

He also said that on January 23 signed the order on issue of shares. «The authorized capital is 2 billion 544 million 273 thousand UAH… the nominal value of shares thousand UAH», — said Nalyvaichenko.

Member of the Supervisory Board NOTE Svetlana Ostap said that the first programme of the Public television will be broadcast in the new television season, that is until September.

«If in April there will be a competition and no one will appeal, was elected to be the Chairman and the Board, they have to make structural changes. But if this reduction, it is at least three months. Then with a new team, with new concepts that will be implemented. That is, with the new TV season, sometime in September, not before,» she said.

According to Ostap, currently awaiting reorganization of the entire structure of the state television — and that a few dozen companies and over seven thousand workers.

Among other things, the salaries of the journalists of the Public television (NSTU) significantly differ from those that were on public television.

«It is necessary to live in accordance with mass. If not enough money, to keep more people and pay lower wages — it is in our time is absolutely unprofitable. And since this is not a government Agency, a public joint stock company, we, it is the Supervisory Board established the terms and rates overall remuneration: the «from» and «to». These salaries are a lot more than they do now, several times. If now to two thousand can get a journalist, then he can have, I hope, to 10 thousand, for example,» said Ostap.

Stets: the competition for the head of the Board of the Public television will be a competition of concepts

Funding for Public broadcasting in the budget for next year laid 1.2 billion, and this money will necessarily be allocated in full, said Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yurii stets.

«The key is that we have secured funding under the law. I am convinced that we will. At least, how much I will have time and opportunities to influence it, I’m just going to do it. All 1 billion 200 will be highlighted. I think that after the «Eurovision» this issue will be resolved. Now there are 1 billion, 200 million to the end of the year should add. And adds,» — said stets.

The Minister explained that the Chairman of the management Board of public joint stock company «National public television of Ukraine» cannot be selected before the end of April, as you must act strictly in accordance with the provisions on competition stipulating the dates of the event. «Violation of this provision may raise doubts in the integrity of the competition», — he added.

Stets satisfied, because the members of the Supervisory Board has agreed that it will not contest the famous faces and charisma, and the contest of concepts: «If this is so, we will by definition be successful in this project and if it will be a struggle for people, then we will get another Julia, another Vasya, Kolya, Petya, and so forth.»

He also explained that the Chairman of the Board of PJSC NOTE, which will elect the Supervisory Board, will be substantially independent. «It will have a five-year contract, which nobody will be able to change leaders at any level», — said the Minister.

«This is the first example in all of history of Ukraine, when such a powerful company, which will be PAO NOTE, a large amount of funding and a large amount of cost, will lead people, who will have a contract and was appointed as an independent Supervisory Board. It will not depend on the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet of Ministers», — said the Minister of information policy.

Earlier it was reported that public broadcasting will work in Ukraine from the second quarter of 2016.

The law «On foreign broadcasting system of Ukraine» (No. 2334а) was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 8 December 2015 and signed by the President on December 28.

The law prohibits the intervention of public authorities and bodies of local self-government, their officials and officers, as well as non-governmental organizations in the activities of entities of public broadcasting with the aim of establishing censorship, preliminary control and illegal influence on the content of the information disseminated by the subjects of public broadcasting of Ukraine.

The law stipulates that software MPIO policy is directed at achieving the goals and objectives of its activities and should provide the audience an opportunity to form their own independent view of events and phenomena. Moreover, it is indicated that NIU should not support political parties or other political organizations, religious organizations.

According to the law, the sources of financing of activity of subjects of public broadcasting can be: funds obtained from the sale of its own television and radio products; funds received from the broadcast advertising; fee for the provision of copyright and related rights; the state budget; voluntary, charitable and sponsorship contributions, donations of individuals and legal entities (except for anonymous donations); other income not prohibited by law.

On 6 June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law «On amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On Public TV and radio broadcasting of Ukraine» on the accession of the state enterprise «Ukrainian Studio of television films «Ukrtelefilm».

PJSC «NOTE» was January 19, the Charter was approved at the government meeting on 28 December 2016.

100 percent of the company belongs to the state.

Presentation of «Public television» 24.01.2017

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