Prepare activists in the capital rally in support of police

February 21 at 12:00 at St. Sophia square in Kiev will be held an action in support of National police in connection with the arrest of a law enforcement officer, murder suspect BMW passenger during a night chase in the capital.

«We do not condone a police officer who was shot in the car, but we are opposed to the court, which repeatedly softened or even dropped the charges of the criminals who were released under house arrest of ex-Berkutov and repeatedly released political corruption — does not release under house arrest of the militiaman new police,» it was on the website of the organizers of the action in Facebook.

The organizers clarify that the purpose of the campaign is a demonstration of trust and support Ukrainians simple police patrol. The event was not political. To it can join.

«We don’t give evaluations of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Prosecutor’s office, judicial system. We are for a fair assessment of the work of our police,» stressed the organizers.

In turn, first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Eka Zguladze said that for the first time in the history of the police police stood up for the people.

She said this today, February 19, during the oath of new patrol in Chernigov. Zguladze said he wants to «open format» to discuss with the police yesterday the situation in the Pechersk court of the capital, where he was elected the measure of restraint to the officer of the patrol service.

«I want to draw your attention to the fact that for the first time in the history of the militia and police, ordinary police party of the fatal incident — stood ordinary people», — said Zguladze.

She expressed surprise regarding the position of the courts and prosecutors, because the police are always open.

«All the participants of the incident were completely open. We provided all the video. The DVR, which was used by these crews were not switched off even for a second. Filmed the entire cycle of persecution in their effects. All of this information was immediately provided to the Prosecutor’s office. Because no murder is not out of the question, when the patrol relieves himself of his premeditated murder,» she said.

We will remind, in Kiev on the night of 7 February a patrol police during the prosecution of the violator of the rules of the road opened fire on the BMW. In the death of 17-year-old passenger who in the company of three other young people in a state of intoxication were in the car.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office opened on this fact criminal proceedings. Patrol officers who participated in the prosecution of the car-offender, was suspended from duty pending investigation.

We will remind, the patrol police is authorized in exceptional cases to use firearms to stop a vehicle by damaging it if the driver by his actions endangers the life or health of people and/or police.

On February 18 the Pechersk district court arrested for two months police of Sergey Oleynik, who is suspected of intentional homicide of a minor, who was in the BMW.

The head of the National police khatia Dekanoidze has expressed regret over the decision of the judge about the custody of the police, who used firearms to apprehend BMW during autoprocedure in Kiev.

«We must be very careful not to let it become the «Inquisition» to police,» she said.

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the decision of the court about the arrest of a police officer «ravishing punishment».

Prepare activists in the capital rally in support of police 20.02.2016

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