Poyarkov: the way of the treacherous Mata Hari cuti, which separates the gullible MPs Zhitomir kittens, do not allow to fall asleep no faction

Activist and artist Serhiy Poyarkov blog on the website of the online publication «Observer» called independent MP Borislav Rosenblatt to publish a photo of the agent of the National anti-corruption Bureau Catherine, «which separates the gullible MPs Zhitomir kittens.»

The artist emphasized that the MP showed «the highest point shkurnichestva and dishonesty».

«Bob, you shameless! Why it is still one you may not Facebook posted a photo of the agent, Kathy. Bob, have conscience! The boys in Parliament through one really worried! The way of the treacherous Mata Hari cuti, which separates the gullible MPs Zhitomir kittens, does not now to sleep in no faction. All are horrified to think: maybe, Katya rosenbe…stoval not one Boryslav? Maybe she subtly continues its predatory rosenbe…dstvo even with a bunch of specific kids? Maybe for some this is Lena, but for someone – Isolde? Maybe some kind of a Board or Masha Nastya to which a person is filled with confidence, and actually on the chest correctly sharpened the boy crouched in the grass secret Katka – Golden Rosenbe…Dica?» – he wrote.

Poyarkov said that «you can not be so arrogant selfish».

«Stop, you bastard, hold pause! Imagine that, an unscrupulous representative of the Zhytomyr region, how many innocent Cach of our country feel that they suspiciously look askance. And they are forced to babble that «you, you – I’m not Kate!»?» – added the artist.

He urged Rosenblat to stop «fooling around».

«Enough for the persistent questions from colleagues, looks like a mysterious Katerina, the scout, quietly, slyly winking, to show them a photo of Irina Lutsenko (people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko. – «GORDON»)! She’s not Kate! Don’t put people in a pre-stroke condition,» he said.

Poyarkov added, «enough to thicken the clouds of suspicion over the heads» of the ex-first lady of Ukraine Kateryna Yushchenko and TV presenter Katya Osadchaya.

«Let’s be honest: in the Parliament of those who never nrosenbl…nical, – the suppression of the minority, not visible even under a microscope,» wrote the artist.

He stated that he wishes success to the public Prosecutor and personally to the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

«Yuri, you, of all people, should remember the difference between «trying to put» still «plant». Nowhere as good as the Prosecutor, not familiar with the truth that in any investigation the main thing – not to go on himself. Perhaps that is why Vitaly Klitschko (mayor of Kiev and former boxer. – «GORDON») so often beat the blacks – and never beaten prosecutors. And so in order to beat Rosenblatt excited Katie nor our country nor our colleagues in horror wondering how much extra they naboltali all sorts of Chicks, being «under the weather» – photo scout put it in the net! Be a man, don’t tempt team! And then wait for that «dark» got a big coalition together with the opposition. And the revenge of the radicals can be appallingly disgusting!» – said Poyarkov.

19 Jun 2017 detectives NABOO on suspicion in receiving a bribe detained the security guard of Rosenblatt. According to NABU, bribe passed a decision on licensing of production of amber.

20 Jun the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky said that a bribe of $200 thousand was intended Rosenblatt and the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Maxim Polyakov. On the same day, SAP and NAB has prepared a submission on lifting immunity on both MPs.

July 6 at a meeting of the regulatory Committee of Parliament Specialised anti-corruption prosecutors showed the operative video in which the assistant Polyakova Tatiana Lubonja receives money from the agent of the National anti-corruption Bureau Catherine for lobbying the amendments to the legislation on the extraction of amber.

11 July, the Parliament consented to the involvement of Rosenblatt to criminal liability, but rejected the views of his detention and arrest.

Poyarkov: the way of the treacherous Mata Hari cuti, which separates the gullible MPs Zhitomir kittens, do not allow to fall asleep no faction 15.07.2017

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