Portnikov: the System of values of Che Guevara is no different from the views of other villains

October 9 marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Latin American revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, who became a character of mass culture, although is a villain, and the level of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. This was written by political analyst Vitaly Portnikov in the column for «Espresso».

The journalist noted that t-shirts with pictures of Che Guevara are even far from the Communist ideals of the people.

«Anyone who wears a shirt with a picture of Hitler or Stalin, understands exactly what looks defends. The system of values of Che Guevara is practically no different from the other villains. Maniac, a bloody fanatic, cynical liar – apparently, each of these definitions fully reflect the characteristics of this person. Che was a Latin American reincarnation of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky», – he wrote.

While Portnikov noted that Che Guevara had organizational talent and intelligence of the adept of «world revolution» Trotsky, however, had «a far greater passion for destruction».

He added that the political career of Che Guevara is often associated with Cuba, although revolutionary, traveled throughout Latin America trying to join any uprising that could be used to promote communism.

«Che was in his gang the Castro brothers, because he believed in the possibility of the victory of a group of adventurers. He played a key role in the destruction of the Cuban democracy, which only rose to his feet after the escape of the dictator Batista. And he was the one who convinced Fidel Castro is that with the help of Communist ideology, he will be able to create not just a gangster, but «ideological» regime,» – said the journalist.

Portnikov noted that Guevara was obsessed with the murders and dreamed with the help of Soviet nuclear missiles on Cuba to unleash the third world war, and the refusal of the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev from their placement was for the revolutionary blow.

«Castro decided to settle for decades of abuse of the Cubans. And just Che Guevara left Cuba, the island became not interesting for him. Maniac fought in the Congo, then in Bolivia – there have been destroyed 50 years ago. But even then he was a «revolutionary icon», became a Holy alternative to the Communist religion. This veneration of Che – the answer to the question, why so long nothing from Latin America, who are torn between the state and anarchy», – said the journalist.

In his opinion, if replaced by justice, will be a monster.

«He may not be as bad as Che Guevara. And it won’t always be from another country – though we love foreigners-whistleblowers. But he would always cherish your hate and gives you nothing to build. For modern Ukraine with her paulistano and atrophy of civil liability for the actions of the government it is also important as it is for Latin America,» – said Portnikov.

Che Guevara was executed in 1967 in Bolivia where he led a guerrilla war. 30 years later the body of the commander was found, identified and returned to Cuba. The remains of Guevara and six of his comrades killed during the guerrilla campaign in Bolivia, were reburied with military honors in a specially built mausoleum in Santa Clara. On 8 October in Cuba are celebrating the day of the Heroic guerrilla, remembering Comandante Guevara. His face is depicted on banknotes in the Cuban three pesos.

Portnikov: the System of values of Che Guevara is no different from the views of other villains 10.10.2017

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