Portnikov: Russian Amazing ability at any time to turn back, to stay in the past and not even try to get out of it

All that is happening with Russia under President Vladimir Putin, has been in its history. This political commentator Vitaly Portnikov said in the column for «Crimea.Realities».

«And the national anthem, the Imperial Soviet, which replaced the seemingly old-fashioned music have been – only when Stalin refused to «international» and under Putin – from «Patriotic song» by Glinka. And laws against sexual minorities, adopted about a decade after the changes were in Soviet Russia and Putin. And the war with Georgia was – the troops of Bolshevik Russia occupied the country. And the attack on the Donbass was the Bolsheviks staged in the occupied territory your «DNR» of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic. And repression against the Crimean Tatars, as is well known, was. And the annexation of the territories – in fact, the USSR annexed the Baltic States and many countries of the civilized world this act of occupation was not recognized until 1991,» he wrote.

According to observers, the new iteration of the story are suspect in the ritual murder of the Royal family in 1918.

«It is also was right here in Kiev, when an innocent Jew Beilis accused of the ritual murder of a teenage Christian», he wrote.

Portnikov called these events «a shameful page in» Russian justice.

«The honor of the court was rescued by ordinary Ukrainians-a jury acquitted an innocent man. Imagine what the theme of ritual murder will return to Russia one hundred years after this disgrace, even when acquitted Beilis, it was absolutely impossible. To imagine that the initiative of obscurantism will come out of the Church, who strongly refused to participate in the Beilis case, did not want to Mara «ritual murder» is very difficult,» – said the browser.

He compared what is happening with the journey in a time machine.

«During this century much has changed. But most importantly – this amazing Russian ability at any time to turn back, to stay in the past and not even try to get out of it, and move on the way back, farther and farther away – has remained unchanged. Sometimes do not even know for certain: it is back or still down?» – said Portnikov.

The family of the former Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his retinue were shot in Ekaterinburg in the night from 16 to 17 July 1918. In 2000, the Russian Orthodox Church canonized the Emperor and his family members for sainthood.

In September 2015, the Imprint at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church reopened the case on the investigation into the murder of the Royal family, which was closed in 1998 due to the death of participants in the execution.

In November 2017, Russia’s Investigative Committee decided to conduct a psycho-historical examination of the events in the house where was shot the Royal family, exploring in particular the version of ritual murder.

The consideration of the so-called «Beilis case» took place in Kiev from 23 September to 28 October 1913. Beilis was arrested in 1911.

Portnikov: Russian Amazing ability at any time to turn back, to stay in the past and not even try to get out of it 01.12.2017

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