Portnikov on Bandera and Shukhevych: the Heroes who want to fight, are those who resisted

When Ukraine will win the war for independence, the country will change the attitude to historical memory, and while its characters remain the UPA. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Vitaly Portnikov in an interview with the newspaper «Hadashot».

«When the Ukrainian army will come to Donetsk and Lugansk, where over Yalta and Sevastopol will be the Ukrainian flag, then our heroes will be those who win. And a period of peace will be other individuals such as scientists, priests, humanists», – he explained.

The political analyst noted that before the war, in Lviv, the former Komsomol members went to his speech after the words that the moral authority of the Ukrainian people is Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, not Stepan Bandera.

«They were convinced that such authority should be Bandera, and I thought it was pure opportunism and Komsomol Lenin’s readiness to change on Bandera. But this was peacetime, and now the time of war. When it is clear that the heroes who want to fight, are those who resisted. And I don’t see any reason to delete them from history. Otherwise we all will remain without a history of Ukraine», – he stressed.

Portnikov added that the poles are sharply reacting to the monuments to Stepan Bandera and UPA commander Roman Shukhevych, but the urge to erect monuments to Simon Petliura, who, in their opinion, the perfect leader and a true patriot.

«When I tell them that this could lead to claims on the part of the Jews – they just don’t understand what it was about. The Jewish tragedy of the pogroms of 1917-1920 for them would not exist. As for Jews, there is no tragedy of Volyn. But Ukrainians should not only think about the Jewish or Polish tragedies, but of his state building. While honestly admitting that the units of the UNR army, and the ranks of the UPA was the people who took part in the mass extermination of Jewish, Polish, and Ukrainian population,» he said.

The journalist said that after the war the Ukrainians will have to learn to perceive their own history in all its complexity and contradictions.

«It is clear that when the territory on which now there live Ukrainians, were in different countries, the representatives of the same people were on different sides of political and public barricades. Ukrainians killed Ukrainians, Jews – Jews, the poles – of the poles, not to mention the ethnic conflicts. That is why the heroes should be foremost fighters for national independence and honor. Yes, these characters could, at different times, wearing German uniforms, as Shukhevych, or Soviet, as Grigorenko. But their lives, they wanted to serve Ukraine. And the fact that they removed the wrong uniforms, – a great proof of this,» he explained.

Portnikov added that Ukrainians should learn to know their history and stop be ashamed of it.

«For the Europeans Quisling (head of the Norwegian government after the occupation of the country by German troops Vidkun Quisling. – «GORDON») – a traitor of the nation and Mannerheim (Finnish General and statesman Carl Mannerheim. – «GORDON») is the hero of his country and the entire continent. Although both of them were allies of the Reich, both received awards from the Fuhrer. Only here Quisling went to the Union for the humiliation and destruction of Norway, and Mannerheim – for the salvation and victory of Finland. There is a difference, isn’t it?» – he concluded.

Portnikov on Bandera and Shukhevych: the Heroes who want to fight, are those who resisted 26.02.2018

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