Portnikov: it is Reasonable to talk to the current Polish leaders, like naughty young children, stuck in the past

Claims to Ukraine with a historical background that has been expressed by many Polish politicians, including the President Andrzej Duda, talking about their immaturity and unwillingness to see reality. This column for LB.ua wrote Ukrainian political columnist Vitaly Portnikov.

«There is a political illusion, which is part of the Polish political elite. And there is political reality in which the Polish leadership will sooner or later have to return. This political reality has nothing to do with the UPA, home Army, pre-war Poland and collisions with poles and Ukrainians. Modern Poland is a completely new state, which was recreated by the victors of the Second world war, which is part of another territory,» – said the author.

According to Portnikov, in the current situation Poland needs Ukraine much more than Ukraine – in Poland.

«Warsaw does not play, and because of their marginal position in European politics just can’t play no real role in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. But Ukraine has become not theoretical, but the most that neither is a real buffer between Poland and Russia, and pays for the containment of Russian revanchism lives of its citizens. Of course, the Polish business unless we change the rules of the game – could be an important investor in the Ukrainian economy. But just as in the absence of corruption can come any other business. But the fact that Poland closes demographic hole, caused by the success of the reforms coming to work with the Ukrainians, is not a theory, it’s practice,» – says the publication.

In Kiev have to realize that some critical statements of Polish politicians on certain pages of history turned into a trend, wrote Portnikov. Once such insults Ukrainians and «his master’s advice, how to behave,» he rolled Russia, he recalled.

«You can, of course, insulted after every stupid statement. You can start to seek out their own historical facts, his martyrology, to prove who was murdered and betrayed. But all this is from the point of view of real state interests of modern Ukraine, and modern Poland is so provincial, shallow and stupid that you don’t want to even comment. It is much wiser to talk with the current Polish leaders, like naughty young children, forever stuck in the past and do not perceive the logic of the modern world. But it is worth remembering that instead of these kids will come adult» – summed up the journalist.

On 2 November the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said Poland intends to start the procedure, which will not allow to enter the country the Ukrainians, who «defiantly wear the uniforms of the SS «Galicia».

In the Polish media appeared information that the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr Viatrovych denied entry to Poland.

On 7 November came the Duda TV interview in which he called it unacceptable that in important positions in Ukraine are the people who have «openly anti-Polish» and nationalist views.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the government of the country is on Pro-European positions, people with anti-Polish views in it.

Portnikov: it is Reasonable to talk to the current Polish leaders, like naughty young children, stuck in the past 09.11.2017

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