Portnikov: Immorality, it’s time to measure the shredders

The nomination of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company «Rosneft» is the news of the decade. This political commentator Vitaly Portnikov said in a column for the publication «Glavred».

«After all, «Rosneft» – is not a Committee of shareholders of Nord Stream AG, which was headed by the former Chancellor. This is a very dubious project. But still the Russo-German that is associated with the desire of business circles of Germany to provide exclusive energy cooperation with Russia. If Nord Stream was a smell of Russian gas from Rosneft just smells. Not oil, not. From it carries a mile of Lubyanka (FSB. – «GORDON»)», – he wrote.

Commentator raised the issue of «cleanliness of the Western political class and its desire to quickly return relations with Russia to normal, in order to earn more».

«I think that uncleanliness is time measured in shredders. When a Western politician agrees to service the Russian KGB – 1 shredder. When a Western politician said that Ukraine should fulfill the Minsk agreement, despite the shelling and the presence of invaders on our territory, is 10 shredders. When a Western politician advises to forget about the Crimea is 20 shredders. When foreign visitors say that our main problem is corruption, not the occupation, is 50 shredders», – he said.

According to Portnikov, the fight against corruption is necessary, but to liberate the territory is more important.

«When such statements of future shredders support any Ukrainian politician, activist or journalist – it is 100 shredders. Because Gerhard Schroeder and Western «well-wishers» of Ukraine through its statements betraying the values and principles, nothing more. And those who support the substitution of notions in our country, betraying the Ukraine. I hope not for Russian money, but simply out of stupidity and servility», – he wrote.

After retiring from the post of Chancellor of Germany in 2005, Schroeder headed the Supervisory Board and then the Committee of shareholders of company Nord Stream AG, which manages Russian gas pipeline «Nord stream», owned by «Gazprom». In 2016, he led the company Nord Stream 2 – operator construction of the third and fourth strings of the pipeline.

12 August 2017, it became known that the name of Schroeder is among the four candidates for the position of one of the independent Directors of the company «Rosneft». The number of seats on the Board of Directors of the company will be increased from nine to 11.

On 28 August, Interfax reported, citing familiar with the draft document the source of that candidate Schroeder invited for the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Rosneft».

The increase of the Board of Directors of «Rosneft» shareholders must approve the September 29.

Portnikov: Immorality, it’s time to measure the shredders 29.08.2017

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