Portnikov about Belarus: Russia, unlike the IMF, does not expose the debtors no conditions other than resignation

Obtaining credit from the structures connected with Russia, Belarus drives its economy «to a standstill». This opinion column for «Radio Liberty» expressed political analyst Vitaly Portnikov.

He commented on the allocation of Minsk $200 million from the Eurasian Fund for stabilization and development.

«Actually it’s Russian money. What is Lukashenko (President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. – «GORDON») is the IMF money. The international monetary Fund puts the Minsk terms, which can be roughly compared with the conditions put forward by Kiev. The IMF insists on at least optimize the management of unprofitable state enterprises – in order to prepare them for partial privatization. Also we are talking about increase of tariffs in housing and communal sphere. However, these conditions Lukashenko does not agree. He prefers to keep in his small country, the Soviet Union,» wrote columnist.

According to him, «all this revelry – at the expense of others».

«By Putin, which is beneficial to keep the Belarusians in their sphere of influence and to prepare for the takeover of the neighbouring state. However, such an approach to the preservation of «stability» actually drives the Belarusians and their economy to a standstill, from which you can get only through radical economic reforms. And the more Belarus is slow with these reforms, the worse for its citizens,» – said Portnikov.

He noted that Belarus has two options «in case of collapse of Lukashenko’s regime» – or to agree on the total absorption by Russia or to «evolve the way that Ukrainians have chosen».

«With painful reforms. With increase of tariffs. With conditionality of international financial institutions. With the disappointments and crises – but with the right to live their own lives. And the opportunity to earn their own money and stop being dependent,» wrote columnist.

In his opinion, another way of Minsk no.

«You choose a difficult path of self development or remain a foreign colony and continue to depend on the master’s whims. After all, Russia, unlike the IMF, does not hold their debtors any conditions. No more than acquiescence,» – said Portnikov.

The latest Memorandum of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF signed in March 2015, within four years, the Fund needs to provide Ukraine with $17.5 billion In the framework of this programme the Ukrainian government has already received four tranches totaling $8.7 billion.

To obtain the next tranche of the IMF put forward economic demands.

Portnikov about Belarus: Russia, unlike the IMF, does not expose the debtors no conditions other than resignation 31.03.2018

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