Poroshenko: You feel safer when looked at «razdrogin» on Khreshchatyk?

The monopoly on power and the use of weapons should belong to the state, not the illegal groups. About it on February 28 at a press conference in Kiev, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

«I want to ask each of you. Please tell me, when you looked at the so-called national guards on Khreshchatyk, do each of you felt safer when I looked at these guys? The monopoly on power, a monopoly on arms belong to the state,» he said.

He noted that yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada, where there were clashes between police and protesters, the police acted appropriately.

«Yesterday at the Verkhovna Rada, the government, the police, the National guard acted appropriately. And provocateurs – not, so they should be accountable in a transparent court», – said Poroshenko.

The President called on journalists to objectively cover the events.

«I’m sure the laws we must change in order to provide effective police action in strict observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, democratic freedoms that are inherent in Ukraine», – stressed the head of state.

On January 29, the party «national housing» said that he had sworn in Kiev, about 600 participants of the «national teams». According to the party’s leader, Andrey Biletsky, these activists daily leave to patrol the streets of the cities of Ukraine and fight against drug trafficking and «alcoholic genocide of the Ukrainian people.»

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko said on January 29 that these public organizations should coordinate its activities with members of the National guard or the National police. He reminded that to check the documents of citizens can only militiamen.

On January 30, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov stated that «paramilitary formations, which trying to position itself on the streets are not legitimate».

4 February in Kiev took action against the «national teams». The protesters held posters with inscriptions: «I don’t want any teams», «where go system, freedom of will», «Titokowaru of nestrugina don’t need you», «Against the Reich in Ukraine», «We don’t need «order» in the form of the dictatorship», «Against Nazism and militarism».

Poroshenko: You feel safer when looked at «razdrogin» on Khreshchatyk? 28.02.2018

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