Poroshenko urged to remember fallen heroes

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appealed to remember the fallen heroes and not to repeat the mistakes of political strife.

This is stated in the statement published on Poroshenko’s official visit of the President of Ukraine in Facebook.

«Yes, they were young heroes. But in the breast of each of them beat the heart of a husband who protects the Mother from the enemy. Their feat was a great lesson and contemporaries: it is possible for Ukrainian patriots Hrushevsky, Vynnychenko events in Kruty for the first time revealed the horrible truth about communism and socialism. Maybe then the Ukrainian social-Democrats, socialist-revolutionaries, monarchists, nezalezhniki even for a moment realize what will end the strife … for Ukraine and for themselves», — said Poroshenko.

The leader of Ukraine said that Cool is a lesson for all, as well as «a rebuke to Ukrainian Democrats — divided, uncompromising, settled on party farms and khutorki…».

«From there, from Cool, our heroic children look in depth of our conscience… not my words. These are the words of Vyacheslav Chornovil, written 19 years ago. But they are now — on the topic of the day. Asking everyone to hear,» he urged Ukrainians Poroshenko.

Earlier it was reported that the train that will pass by the station of Kruty in Chernihiv region will honk in honor of the victims for the Ukraine heroes.

Poroshenko urged to remember fallen heroes 29.01.2017

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