Poroshenko: Unity is the indivisible unity of all Ukrainian lands

President Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on unification Day in your Facebook.

«Glory to Ukraine, Catholic, United, indivisible Ukraine! Congratulations with Day of unity!» — wrote the head of state. He also posted the corresponding video.

The President’s statement posted on the official website of the President.

«Now merge together for centuries separated from one another part of a unified Ukraine, the West Ukrainian national Republic and Dnieper… Great Ukraine. Realized everlasting dreams that have lived and who died best sons of Ukraine. There is now a single independent Ukrainian people’s Republic»…

Almost a hundred years now these precious words, dear ladies and gentlemen!

Congratulations with Day of Unity present here the high-ranking guests, the entire Ukrainian nation and all Ukrainians in the Diaspora!

January 22, 1919 at Sofia square in Kiev was solemnly proclaimed the Union in a single unified Ukraine two state entities. Those formations that arose on the ruins of various empires. Wrote prominent Ukrainian-canadian historian Orest Subtelny, who last year, unfortunately, left for eternity, «for the first time West and East of the Ukrainian nationalists, who for generations proclaimed the existence between them fraternal relations, and entered into contact with each other on a massive scale».

Cathedral of the reunification, or as then it was called «zluka» – sprouted from the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people, historically prolonged movement of Ukrainians to establish their own state. Out of the dreams, aspirations and efforts of many generations of fighters for independence and unity.

Living proof of such aspirations became crowded St. Sophia square, where tens of thousands of people of Kiev and guests of the capital welcomed the proclamation of the reunification… And all Kiev, solemnly removed national flags, Ukrainian ornaments, portraits of the poet, posters and banners. And an incredible number of blue-and-yellow flags that brought the participants of the action, local residents, and numerous delegations from all over the… the Consecration ceremonies the Liturgy at Hagia Sophia, a military parade, the mood and festive atmosphere, the national anthem performed by military orchestra… in short, the proclamation of the reunion was seen by all as a great national holiday.

And, unfortunately, the celebration did not last long. Historical documents that we now have the opportunity to explore, realized, unfortunately, only after 72 years! Then, in the nineteenth Cathedral Ukraine will not become a reality. And the independence of the state for a long time was lost.

And now, dear brothers and sisters Ukrainians, we have to consider, and why it happened. Why in Helsinki, which is the day after tomorrow I will visit with official visit, this year will celebrate the centenary of independence, and in Kiev last year celebrated the 25th anniversary? Why do we and the Ukraine lost 75 years and ZIM? Why Finland is one of the most successful EU countries, and Ukraine is only now beginning the path of European modernization? Why the Finns, despite the fact that they had very strong political competition, not crossed the red line to self-destruct and were able to defend themselves, and the Ukrainian statehood killed in internal strife?

The answer to this question is very easy to find in the memoirs of Pavlo Skoropadsky. Publishers successfully feel how these memoirs relevant to the current moment, how eloquent Parallels, and how instructive are the lessons of history. I don’t want to interfere in the work of scientists and are not going to idealize the Hetman, which with all its Pro and contra was a child of the turbulent times. But I read his memories of himself and strongly recommend to all politicians as homework – it is advisable to study and take notes.

If only a sufficient number of this book is, in publishing, would like to give each MP. And to say the words of Shevchenko: «Learn, my brothers! Think, read». Should be for each of us individually and all together to into your minds, what a huge effort it is worth to get and how easy it is to lose unity and sovereignty.

«All history, wrote Oleg Olzhych, the son of the famous Ukrainian poet Oleksandr Oles, which will soon be reburied in Kyiv, finally, is the struggle of two forces: constructive, which accumulates the Ukrainian power, and ruin that sprays her in mutual samopozhiranie and carries a breakdown and schedule. And after that, always went the domination of outsiders over Ukraine».

In the period of threat and danger, even more than in times of peace and quiet time, should sacrifice their ambitions and interests in the interests of the sacred cause of national unity and the preservation of Ukraine. I think all this will tell more in his report on the occasion of the centenary of the Central Rada. And today a brief history would like to finish on an optimistic note. I will help again Olzhych: «In the eternal struggle of the creative spirit with the element of steppe and ruins firmly believe that the creative spirit to defeat chaos and decay, wherever he was, and how not manifested. Otherwise it would not make sense in our lives and the competition.»

Although the state Association of the UPR and ZUNR in the nineteenth year, took place only symbolically, however, it was crucial for the approval of the Ukrainian United state’s current borders. It outlined the geographical, political, and identifying the contours of a unified Ukraine.

Collegiality remained strong, life-giving idea, transferred to the descendants. So today we celebrate this day.

Collegiality, as I said earlier, it is an indivisible whole of all Ukrainian lands, which belonged to different empires, now United in an independent European Ukrainian state.

Collegiality is not only a common territory. This spiritual unity, common values, common ideals, aspirations. Is a big strong family of all citizens of Ukraine.

We really speak in everyday life and in families in Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar and other languages, but we only consolidates the state – Ukrainian. We go to different churches, but God we all have one. And our land one at all. We have a common past and problems, by the way, we have the same. We are happy and sad together. We have a common enemy and a common goal, and General collegiality.

Collegiality is a unitary structure of the state. But we respected, respect and will respect the diversity of Ukraine, the specifics of the local communities. Decentralization this is a unique opportunity. This diversity is not our fault. It makes us richer and a General feeling of unity is stronger. Even Hrushevsky, speaking about the differences, «created by our national body foreign influences and external circumstances», and urged not «to inflate the difference, and develop a sense of unity, solidarity and closeness.» It’s got one of his favorite quotes.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

In recent years, the public holidays we not only commemorate prominent historical figures, but also bow to the memory of contemporary Ukrainian winners of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and heroes of the war for independence in the fight against the Russian aggressors.

Our heroes are fighting in the East for the return of the territories, and for the entire Ukrainian Catholic land. From the extreme Northern point, the village of Gremyach in Chernihiv region to the South of foros, in the Crimea Ukrainian. From the most Western village of Solomon, in Transcarpathia – up to the East Early in the Luhansk region.

Fallen heroes had sacrificed the most precious – their lives. Please honor their memory with a minute of silence.

Thank you.

Dear Sirs!
Dear compatriots!

The restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine is definitely our top priority. Such daunting tasks as the return of Ukraine to the Donbass and the return of Donbass in Ukraine, the task of de-occupation of Crimea will be resolved primarily by political and diplomatic and international legal means, while reinforcing our defense and our Armed Forces. Own defenses, we drove up to a level where the protection of the Fatherland was not only mobilized people and dobrobatov, and qualitatively trained professionals-contract employees. Most of those volunteers who went with arms in hand, learned and protect Ukraine. The other day, by the way, there will be a meeting of the Council of national security and defense issues of the state defense order for 2017. It will be a decisive change in provided latest weapons of our glorious warriors.

We adhere to the Minsk agreement, even though how hard we’ve been given, and allowed our diplomacy to win an uphill battle for the extension of sanctions from the world: the European Union, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Australia against the aggressor – the Russian Federation. But, I emphasize, we have not conceded any principled position. Moreover in the difficult dialogue convincing our Western allies that any steps to find a political settlement should precede the obvious and undeniable progress in security matters: sustainable ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian occupation troops and vehicles, the disarming of militias, control over separate sections of the Ukrainian-Russian border, — first, by the OSCE, and then directly to our glorious border guards.

To address these issues on the agenda are not and will not stand political issues, including this also applies to amendments to the Constitution.

It does not hurt to talk about it the Day of, but we have political power, I repeat, in a carefully veiled form invites us to abandon the Donbass… Which they say behave with the inhabitants of the occupied areas as if they already are not our citizens, and their fate is no concern of ours. I want to convey to these politicians the question: Lord, as you have gathered these areas to throw them? Moreover, such a strategy, absolutely and it’s already proven to the world will not. Russia’s aim is not Donetsk and Lugansk, Crimea and Sevastopol and all Ukraine.

Another priority in the new year, believe securing the political conditions for reforms and economic recovery. Must disappoint some in Kiev, and in Moscow, where it is especially weak on the language of Russian politicians do not hide the stakes for the organization in Ukraine artificial protests and early elections. As President by all available legal means will counteract attempts to destabilize our country and bring all those heavy steps and the first results that provided power and literally suffered for our Ukrainian people.

Change and transformation we began in 2014. In 2015 the first shift was only evident by the reformers. 2016 they already noticed and appreciated in the middle of the country, and our foreign partners. It is extremely important to 2017 went down in history as the year when changes began to be felt for a wide range of citizens of Ukraine. We try to make this year the people will see that situation changing dramatically for the better.

«Ukraine has made more progress in implementing reforms over the past two years than in the first 23 years of Independence». If such a judgment was expressed, we probably would have looked somewhat subjective. But this conclusion was made by our partners from the United States and the European Union, and it gives to this assertion of objectivity. It is accepted to consider, that from the visible.

«Ukraine is implementing an intensive and unprecedented reforms in the economic and political systems; its democratic institutions and further restored» — to get such an assessment by the European Commission, we have worked, long and hard. Worked as President, worked with the Parliament – the Verkhovna Rada, worked for the government – our whole team.

But we need to make greater efforts. Because the momentum of reforms is not enough to overcome the gap and the gap from the neighboring European countries.

You need to act on the principle of the Olympic movement. Faster, higher, stronger! And only then we will be Champions.

So many people, so many generations have burned my heart for Ukraine, giving life everything they had. Therefore, we have no right to be irresponsible, weak, ineffective.

«Do not let Taco Misl,

scho God to show us Nolasco.

Life lyudskogo line still.

No hour to porazka».

Let this inspire us these words of Lina Kostenko Kostenko.

Let it inspire us examples of heroes of Ukraine, including such Pearls as Vladimir, born in Luhansk, but Ukraine of all Ukrainian lands. As an active member of the resistance movement to Russian occupation he spent 30 special operations to destroy military targets of the enemy and of the personnel of the occupation forces. When you try a hostile takeover, Vladimir Pavlovich decided to blow themselves up, resulting in seriously injured.

I made the decision to sign a Decree on awarding him the title of Hero of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people in the whole world declares its unshakable will to live with dignity in their own independent unified Ukrainian state, built on European values, the ideals of humanity and democracy.

This way we are going – confidently and to win. Glory To Ukraine!»

Poroshenko: Unity is the indivisible unity of all Ukrainian lands 22.01.2017

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