Poroshenko: Ukrainians did not lead to the Kremlin prepared by the slogans on Maidan 3.0

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that the events in Kiev on the second anniversary of the killings of activists by security forces at the independence square failed provocation organized by Russia.

On the Maidan, the police detained participants of disorders
Activists after negotiations with police have left the hotel «Kozatskiy» in Kiev

«Kremlin propaganda did everything to this day (the anniversary of the shooting of the Heavenly hundred – ed.) looked different. That is why they were prepared ahead of time the slogans of the Maidan 3.0. But this provocation have failed. Despite all the objective difficulties, the Ukrainians were responsible,» Poroshenko told journalists in Vinnytsia on Monday, answering a question of Agency «Interfax-Ukraine» about the assessment of events in the center of Kiev on the anniversary of the Revolution of dignity.

However, he said that all the planned activities for the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity were aimed at the commemoration of the dead, and the fact that Kiev did not support the recent protests on the Maidan, «is a clear indication that the Maidan and the Revolution of Dignity were made by responsible people who are committed to ensuring that Ukraine had been reformed, the values of the Maidan, were implemented, and Ukraine was moving to Europe.»

«For me personally, a symbol of yesterday was the people’s Assembly at St. Sophia’s square for the protection of the National police, which ten times higher than any number of provocateurs,» the President said.

«This does not mean that people do not see the flaws, but he defends reforms,» said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko lays the responsibility for solving the current political crisis, which led to the government, the Verkhovna Rada.

«I believe that the Parliament should finally take responsibility and not to take a controversial position, responsibility for sharing, not imposing it on anyone, to acquire the exit of the objective crisis,» he said.

The President stressed that the problem «is not in the coalition or opposition».

«Today it is necessary to reboot government. It’s what the people want. And the government has clearly stated that he understands this need,» said Poroshenko.

The head of state stressed that he is categorically opposed early parliamentary elections.

«No need to sprinkle ashes on our heads and to take actions that will lead to chaos or disintegration of the state. In my statement I clearly said: I am against early elections. All the people that could, did and will demonstrated and voted, and chose those who formed the Pro-European forces in Parliament. And a vivid confirmation of this is the vote for «visa-free» laws in the Parliament», – said Poroshenko.

As reported, on February 21, representatives of the «Revolutionary right-wing forces» (CPF) announced the creation of the Patriotic movement from among the participants of the Dignity Revolution and the ATO to implement the ideals of the Maidan peacefully. Yesterday, representatives of CPF held a meeting in the premises of hotel «Kozatskiy» and began to set up tents on the Maidan.

CPF has called for the resignation of the government, the Secretary of the NSDC, the chief of the General staff of the armed forces, the establishment of commissions of inquiry to investigate the actions of Cabinet members, office of the President, the Verkhovna Rada. CPF also insists on banning the participation in power of all who held positions in the past 10 years. In addition, the CPF supported the introduction of martial law in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Activists staged a headquarters in the Assembly hall of hotel «Kozatskiy», but after negotiations with representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of defense of Ukraine and the National police of Ukraine, they left the building.

Poroshenko: Ukrainians did not lead to the Kremlin prepared by the slogans on Maidan 3.0 22.02.2016

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