Poroshenko: Ukraine has proposed the EU to extend sanctions against Russia for a year

Sanctions against Russia should be extended, if Russian troops will remain in Ukraine, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

«If you don’t you will run the Minsk agreement, and if Russian troops will continue to be located on the territory of Ukraine, and if the observers from the OSCE will be no access to the occupied territories, if not a total ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons, if they continue to kill Ukrainians, the sanctions must remain,» — said Poroshenko after talks with Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven on Monday in Stockholm. This writes Interfax-Ukraine.

The head of state also said that the Ukrainian side invited the EU to extend sanctions against Russia is not six months and a year. «I think it will be effective if the sanctions will not be imposed for 6 months and a year. And we have made this proposal to our European partners», — said Poroshenko.

He added that sanctions should act while Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreement.

Answering the question about the prospects of extending sanctions against Russia after the presidential elections in the United States, the President said: «These sanctions are connected with the Minsk agreements».

«Ukraine has received strong support from the United States: there was a clear statement from the Republican and Democratic parties regarding the fact that the only reason for the lifting of sanctions is the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, the withdrawal of troops and restoration of control over the Ukrainian border», — said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko also said about the absence of any information about agreements between the US and Russia after the recent US presidential elections.

«I have no information regarding any agreements between the US and Russia. The question of the Crimea lies in the plane of relations between the US and Russia», — said Poroshenko at a press conference in Stockholm, answering a reporter’s question about concerns the strengthening of cooperation between the US and Russia, including through the recognition of the occupied Russian Crimea.

Earlier media reported that the EU in December is likely to continue economic sanctions against Russia, which expire at the end of January of the following year, but continued after the inauguration of Donald trump .

Note, after winning the trump in the presidential election in the United States, the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch stated that the States in December, will continue sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Poroshenko: Ukraine has proposed the EU to extend sanctions against Russia for a year 14.11.2016

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