Poroshenko told, when it is possible to hold elections in the occupied Donbass, and Putin sought

Kiev is ready to hold elections in the Donbass, but you need to from there were evacuated by foreign troops, says President Petro Poroshenko.

«The only thing we need — just so that foreign troops were removed from this territory», — he said in an interview with the BBC’s Newsnight, reports BBC Ukraine.

According to Mr. Poroshenko, the Ukrainian Parliament is ready to consider the specifics of the elections in the Donbass.

«We have 1.5 million internally displaced persons who had to leave the territory due to Russian aggression, and we in a democratic society should give them the opportunity to vote», — said Mr. Poroshenko.

Poroshenko has also accused Russian President Vladimir Putin in the desire to undermine global security order.

«I think it is quite clear that he (President Putin — ed.) wants a global instability. And exactly 18 months ago, when Russian soldiers appeared in Crimea, (…) and exactly 15 months ago, when Russian soldiers appeared in the Donbas, (…) and now, when they appeared in Syria — the goal was the same,» he said.

According to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is trying to undermine global security order because of economic problems and losing support within the country.

We will note, in his speech at the UN General Assembly the President declared that Russia deliberately creates around itself a zone of frozen conflict to maintain influence in the neighboring countries.

We will remind, following the results of negotiations leaders «channel four» in Paris, Poroshenko said that the war will end with the liberation of all occupied territories: «This means that there is a truce. The war is over when will be released the last piece of the Ukrainian land. Until we have occupied territory, the war is not over».

Deputy head of the presidential administration Konstantin Eliseev in his turn noted that the return of Donbass is a preparatory stage for the return of the Crimea.

We will note, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel stated that the Minsk process will be completed when Ukraine will restore its sovereignty «not in Crimea but in other parts of the country.»

Poroshenko told, when it is possible to hold elections in the occupied Donbass, and Putin sought 09.10.2015

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