Poroshenko told about the consequences of the breakup of Ukraine with Russia: Imperial delusions of grandeur is a dangerous diagnosis

Ukrainians broke with Russia 25 years ago and now do not have to fulfill their international duty in the middle East or any other part of the world participating in the Imperial adventures of the Russian authorities, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. About it reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Speaking on Monday in Kiev to the warriors-internationalists on the occasion of the Day of honoring participants of battle actions on territory of other States, Poroshenko noted that the guarantee of non-repetition of the tragic pages of Ukrainian history, when young Ukrainians are forced to shed blood in distant countries for the sake of foreign interests, is the only state independence of Ukraine. He stressed that this choice Ukrainians made 25 years ago.

«And the Empire has not changed, proof of that is the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the East of the country, is bombing Russian fighters and bombers of peaceful quarters in Syria. And just imagine, if we resolutely did not break with Russia in 1991, is today our children would not have to perform «international duty» in Syria other countries of the Middle East? Or somewhere else? Because there is no world map at this point, which would be unattainable for painful geopolitical ambitions,» he said.

«Imperial delusions of grandeur – a very dangerous diagnosis. It hurt some, but for others treatment pay, with their lives,» said Poroshenko.

He expressed his gratitude to the soldiers in Afghanistan for the assistance they rendered to the state in difficult times. «Once the state got tough, soldiers-Afghans were the first to put his shoulder. And the state, I hope, finally learned these lessons, relationship lessons to the veterans, because when was the Orange revolution, soldiers-Afghans were among the first who went to fight against injustice and when was the Revolution of Dignity, no one no orders have been given, but you have clearly determined the place of each of you there and security should be ensured, and the provocation defence», – said the President.

«Since the times of the former USSR, the topic of military involvement in local wars were avoided. And I think it was ignored intentionally. Ukraine’s first post-Soviet space as a sign of deep respect for his sons who unwittingly had to fight far from their homes, and also the interests of others, was the first to officially celebrate February 15, the Day honoring the combatants in territories of other States», – said Poroshenko.

Previously Poroshenko said that the Russian President «geopolitical itch». «What a strong phantom pain: centuries passed, and the missed still haunts Russia. And this geopolitical itching is a direct threat to Ukraine’s national security and the security of each citizen», — he said.

Poroshenko told about the consequences of the breakup of Ukraine with Russia: Imperial delusions of grandeur is a dangerous diagnosis 15.02.2016

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