Poroshenko: the Point of no return we have not passed

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that Ukraine at least and demonstrates economic growth, but the point of no return has not yet been passed. The head of state said during his working trip to Kirovohrad oblast, the correspondent of the publication «GORDON».

Now, finally, after blocking Russia in connection with the occupation of the economic potential of Donbas and Crimea, we resumed economic growth and five consecutive quarters, the country shows economic growth», – said the President.

He added that «the worst is behind us». According to Poroshenko, the country has passed the test, demonstrating the ability to unite and to resist the aggressor, and also to ensure economic development in war conditions.

Sorry, I want to note that in this sense the point of no return, we have not yet passed,» the President said.

The head of state believes that to turn the country «back» may as Russia’s resumption of the «hot phase of the war», and populist politicians in the country, to demoralize the Ukrainians.

Russia annexed Crimea after the illegal referendum in 2014. Military actions in Eastern Ukraine continue from April 2014. The Ukrainian army confronting Pro-Russian militants, who are supported by the Kremlin.

Poroshenko: the Point of no return we have not passed 21.08.2017

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