Poroshenko signed the law on NKREKU

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on the National Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities, which determines the status and powers of the Commission.

«Returned with a signature from the President», — is reported on the website of the Parliament.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada on 12 April 2016, after years of discussions at various levels of government, adopted in the first reading the bill on the national Commission.

On 14 July, the Rada failed to adopt bill No. 2966 about NKREKU and submitted the document for second reading. According to representatives of the expert organization «intensive care reform package», the project had a number of positive developments, such as the prohibition of illegal influence on the work of the Commission, the presence of clear procedures for publication of draft decisions and minutes of meetings, requirements for conducting public discussion of draft decisions of the regulator and the complaints procedure and settlement of disputes.

On 22 September, the Parliament adopted in the second reading the law on the national Commission.

According to the law, members of the national Commission will be selected by the competition Commission, whereas now all members of the national Commission appointed by the President of Ukraine. The competition Commission will be formed in the following manner: two persons from the President of Ukraine, two from the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet. The national Commission also needs to obtain financial independence from the state budget through the organization of its activities through contributions from participants in the energy market of Ukraine.

Poroshenko signed the law on NKREKU 23.11.2016

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