Poroshenko signed a law on fining the national Council of television and broadcasters

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a law envisaging the possibility for the National Council on television and radio to impose fines on television and broadcasters for violation of the law.

As reported on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada, the law No. 4815 «On amendments to the law «About television and broadcasting» on the improvement of procedures for the application of sanctions by the National Council», adopted by Parliament on 1 November 2016, was returned with the signature of the head of state on Friday, November 25.

As reported, the law was adopted in the first reading on 8 September, in General, by the 236 — November 1, and November 10, he was signed by the speaker of Parliament and sent for signature to the President.

According to the head of the parliamentary Committee on information policy and freedom of speech Victoria syumar, the law we are talking about the possibility to impose sanctions on broadcasters in the form of a fine, whereas at present the Council can only impose a warning, and the «two warnings actually means the deprivation of the license».

«Moreover, if, after the penalty, the company does not repeat this violation, this penalty during the year is eliminated and the remark, in fact, the warning does not apply to the broadcasting company,» explained Sumar.

She stressed that the law allows the national regulator to influence Ukraine’s information space to be as small as possible such phenomena as separatism, which sometimes takes place in this Sefira. «For each violation and for each complaint, the national Council will now have a chance to react by imposing a fine, and we will be able thanks to this law to monitor the effectiveness of the activities of the National Council,» — said syumar.

Poroshenko signed a law on fining the national Council of television and broadcasters 25.11.2016

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