Poroshenko: Schultz supported the idea of creating support groups for protection of the Crimean Tatars

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that European Parliament President Martin Schulz supported the idea «to organize a pressure and support group» to protect the rights of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea.

Poroshenko expects the EU response to the systemic violation of the rights of Crimean Tatars

About this Poroshenko said on Saturday, February 13th, in Munich after the meeting with Shultz, which was held on the sidelines of the international conference on security, UNIAN reports.

«I was informed about the disastrous things that are happening now in Crimea with Crimean Tatars and asked for his support for the creation of groups and organization pressure, to protect the rights of these people. I thanked Schultz for the support of this idea,» he said.

According to the Ukrainian President, he thanked the European policy for his «strong and sustained support for Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity in this very difficult time.»

«We talked about the Minsk agreements and effective coordination in terms of further sanctions if Minsk agreement not met, as it is now, we have 70 attacks a day, do not have access to the Special Monitoring Mission, when freed the hostages, whom they hold in catastrophic conditions in the occupied territories and in Russian prisons, including Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov, «gave the content of the conversation Poroshenko.

In addition, the parties discussed further plans to stimulate European investment in Ukraine. «I informed about our latest steps along the path of reform», — said Poroshenko.

The President of Ukraine expressed the view that «Munich has become an arena for Russian statements».

«We remember the statement made by Putin in 2007, a statement by Medvedevin which he said about the cold war, the so-called civil war in Ukraine. To which I gave a strong response: Mr Putin, Lavrov, Medvedev, this is your aggression in Ukraine, and we will not give you any opportunity here to carry out propaganda in the style of the Kremlin to poison the views of the European people… You should withdraw its troops from Ukraine, with the Donbas and Crimea, to regain Ukrainian control over the border, to release the hostages and there will be no war in the region. It is entirely your responsibility,» said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko expects the EU response to the systemic violation of the rights of Crimean Tatars

President Petro Poroshenko urged the EU to respond to the systemic violation of rights of Crimean Tatars in Russian-occupied Crimea.

This was reported by press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Svyatoslav Tsegolko on Twitter.

«Poroshenko calls on the EU to respond to systemic violations of the rights of Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea», — he wrote.

We will remind, in the Crimea, 11 February the occupation authorities carried out searches in the homes of the Crimean Tatars. Detained 12 people, after interrogation most were released.

Later designated by the Russian authorities, the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya stated that the Crimean Department of the FSB of Russia have detained four Crimean Tatars in the context of a criminal investigation into the activities of «terrorist organization «Hizb ut-Tahrir». The court elected by him a measure of restraint – detention until 8 April 2016.

In the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people these actions by the occupation authorities called a new wave of repression against Crimean Tatars.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on 12 February protested and urged the world to tighten the pressure on Russia.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially declared on 20 February 2014 the beginning of temporary occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia. International organizations have recognized the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea and condemned Russia’s actions. Western countries have imposed various economic sanctions.

Poroshenko: Schultz supported the idea of creating support groups for protection of the Crimean Tatars 13.02.2016

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