Poroshenko ordered the regional authorities to take patronage over military units

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree «About mentoring military units of the Armed forces of Ukraine, National guard of Ukraine and the State border service of Ukraine».

About it reported in a press-service of the head of the Ukrainian state

«Each area, the town where our glorious part, should be proud of that. And if we have 25 brigade — it is the glory of Dnepropetrovsk. If we have the 95th brigade is the glory of Zhitomir. If we have a 79-I crew are glory to Nikolaev. If there are 80 brigade is the glory of Lviv. If we have 3-rd regiment of special forces — it is the glory of Kirovograd. And so on. This is the best form of Patriotic education of youth. I’ll be proud when the youth will wear the symbols of the crews, when they would dream to get in there and see how they live and increase combat training nice Ukrainian heroes», — commented on the decree of the President.

The information published on the website of the presidential administration, explained that the document approves the list of connections and military units of the APU, machardie, the state border service, which is patronage of local state administrations and bodies of local self-government.

«Under the patronage of the local public administration will assist in the support of military units with food, fuel and lubricants, maintenance supplies, in solving social problems, meeting the cultural and spiritual needs of military personnel, military-Patriotic education of young people and their preparation to perform military duty, for which, in particular, will be created coordinating councils», — informed the press service of the presidential administration.

Earlier, the President issued a decree approving a new military-administrative division of the territory of Ukraine.

Military-administrative division of the territory of Ukraine establishes territorial and geographical boundaries of responsibility of the military authorities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the implementation of military and administrative functions in the field of defence on land, in air and Maritime space, taking into account the territory, which is in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and decrees of the Verkhovna Rada recognized as temporarily occupied.

Poroshenko ordered the regional authorities to take patronage over military units 11.02.2016

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