Poroshenko intends to hold a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends to hold the country’s referendum, which will be submitted the question of NATO membership. He declared it in interview of the German Funke media group published on Thursday, February 2, the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost writes DW.com.

Poroshenko said about the «necessity of NATO» and said that if Ukrainians will vote for the country’s accession to the Alliance, he will do everything possible for this.

«4 years ago, only 16 percent of the population supported membership in NATO. Now there are 54 per cent,» said the President of Ukraine.

In addition, Poroshenko stressed that «proud» to be President of the country in which more than 70 percent of residents support the Union.

«In times of Brexit and right-wing populists is impressive,» he said.

The Ukrainian leader said that his country is on the right track to fulfil all the conditions required for accession to the EU. Poroshenko believes that Europe «is to be understood that it will be more safe, more reliable and more happy.»

The Ukrainian head of state expressed the view that the EU should deal with right-wing populism, creating a counterweight to the propaganda, which also comes from Russia. He suggested that for the EU it would be the right step to establish with the participation of several countries Russian-language TV channel. In this case, the European citizens born in the countries of the Soviet Union, no longer would be under the influence of «propaganda broadcasters», having an alternative source of information.

Petro Poroshenko has called Angela Merkel and her rival for the post of Chancellor Martin Schulz «brilliant» politicians.

«I will respect the choice of the German people — as long as they don’t vote for populists,» said the Ukrainian President.

Poroshenko intends to hold a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO 02.02.2017

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