Poroshenko in February will go to the Trump, source

President Petro Poroshenko intends to visit in February 2017, the United States and meet with President Donald trump. About it reports «Interfax-Ukraine» citing a source in diplomatic circles.

The source also added that before the end of the year in Ukraine there will arrive the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden.

American international lawyers has published a draft strategy that proposed the elected President of the United States Donald Trump to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. The strategy published in The National Interest. Its authors are lawyers with experience in Ukraine: Jeffrey Burt, James HTC, Per Patton and Thomas Shillinglaw.

In General, it contains three key points:

1. The West and Russia should «agree to disagree» on the status of Crimea for an indefinite period of time.

«So from the 1940s until the collapse of the Soviet Union was considered by the three Baltic States», — stated in the offer

2. The parties agree to preserving the status quo of Donbass as part of Ukraine, ensuring the observance of the cease-fire;

3. Create dopolavoro package for the economic reconstruction of Ukraine with the participation of Russia, the US and the EU.

That is, the strategy proposes in fact to leave the Crimea in the Russian Federation.

Another key point that veiled laid out in the strategy, etoolkit Ukraine from rapprochement with the EU in exchange for financial «help» Russia to restore the ruined infrastructure.

The strategy is spelled out in the third paragraph about the package of assistance to Ukraine.

«Ukraine can call Russian media-mediated «repair» or cash equivalent for the annexation of the Crimea and the destruction caused to the Eastern regions of Ukraine. And Russia, for its part, will be able to consider these funds as payment for the appearance of her reliable business partner and/ or as compensation to Ukraine for its refusal of special trade concessions offered by Europe. The final status of relations between Ukraine and the EU could be defined in the light of subsequent events.They believe that the initiative to create such a package must come from the trump and can serve as «a signal to Putin that it is not ignored and that the newly elected President of the United States wants to work with him on restoring constructive relations U.S.-Russia», — is written in the article.

It will be about billions of dollars, which will need to be carefully monitored, the authors add.

As the article says, the funds should be directed to: infrastructure rehabilitation; compensation to tens of thousands of refugees and people who still live in the area ATO, for damages and injuries.

The speaker of US state Department John Kirby said that Ukraine will dominate the work of the state Department of the USA in the next 2 months.

Earlier, Poroshenko spoke to Tampa on the phone and invited him to Ukraine.

As reported, the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, billionaire Donald trump has won 58-s US presidential election, received at the moment 288 votes of the members of the electoral College.

9 Nov Poroshenko congratulated trump and expressed hope that the assistance provided by American political forces to support Ukraine in fight against Russian aggression and in implementing reforms will continue.

Poroshenko in February will go to the Trump, source 18.11.2016

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