Poroshenko honored memory of Heroes of Heavenly hundred

The President Petro Poroshenko with his wife Marina on Sunday, January 22, honored the memory of Heroes of Heavenly hundred.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Together with Marina paid tribute to those killed during the revolution of dignity of Sergey Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky, as well as all of the Heavenly hundred Heroes», he said.

Help. January 22 marks three years since the death of activists of Maidan who gave their lives during the revolution of dignity and who were later called the Heavenly hundred.

The opposition on the Grushevsky street began on January 19 when the traditional Sunday Veche turned into a protesters March to the Parliament. At that time the entrance to the government quarter, was blocked by fighters of division «Golden eagle». Began serious clashes: protesters overturned a bus used by the police, threw bottles with gasoline and stones at the soldiers of «Berkut». To smoke the streets set fire to tires; the upside-down bus began to burn. In response security forces used tear gas and traumatic weapon, throwing stun grenades, then began sighting people pour out of the cannon.

The battle, which lasted with various activities over three days, ended on January 22, when «Berkut» went on the offensive and temporarily pushed the protesters from European square. On the same day it became known about the first victims on the Maidan.

On the morning of 22 January, a 21-year-old Sergey Nigoyan from Dnipropetrovsk region received a fatal wound to the head. Over time, a fatal gunshot wound to the heart received a 25-year-old Belarusian Mikhail Zhiznevsky. Both were activists of the Maidan and participated in the protests are actually from the very beginning.

A few days from injuries sustained on 22 January, died in hospital from Lviv Roman Senik and from Kiev Alexander Bader. Doctors to the last struggled for their lives but are unable to save.

In addition, on this day, in the woods near Kiev’s body was found with signs of torture from Lviv Yuri Verbitsky — activist of the Maidan who was kidnapped from the hospital just the day before.

Mikhail Zhiznevsky was the first who parted on the square. Then for the first time performed the song «Pliny the rock at Tisin», which later became the unofficial Requiem-farewell at the funeral of the victims on the Maidan.

Poroshenko honored memory of Heroes of Heavenly hundred 22.01.2017

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