Poroshenko goes to Munich security conference

The Munich security conference, which will be held February 17-19, in Germany, will discuss a number of key challenges in the field of security, including the situation in Ukraine, reports «Censor.NO.»

According to a press release of the 53rd conference which will be held under the chairmanship of Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, more than 500 participants will discuss important issues in the field of security that trouble the world.

«The program of the conference on the future of transatlantic relations and NATO after the election of Donald trump, the state of cooperation in the framework of the European Union in the field of security and defense, the crisis in Ukraine and relations with Russia, the war in Syria and the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region, including on the Korean Peninsula», — stated in a press release.

Participants will also discuss terrorism, information warfare, and the serious threat to global health and climate problems.

«We are faced with the international situation in the security sphere, which, perhaps, the most volatile time since the end of the Second world war», — said the head of the Munich security conference Ischinger. In this regard, he said, it is important to find ways to protect and strengthen the fundamental values of the West, and institutions which would be based on the rules of the international system.

According to information, their participation in the conference have already confirmed a new UN chief Antonio Guterres, head of the European Council Donald Tusk, high representative of the EU Federica Magarinand NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. In addition, the event will be attended by the presidents of Ukraine, Poland and Afghanistan, Prime Ministers of Norway, Hungary and Iraq, the foreign Ministers of China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, France and the UK.

The German government will be represented at the level of Vice-Chancellor, Minister of economy, Minister of defence and Minister of internal Affairs will also take part in the conference, more than 60 parliamentarians from different parties.

As for the American delegation, the press release notes that the composition of the American delegation is still being formed, but there is every reason to speak about its serious content. It will include representatives from both the new administration and Congress. Their participation in the conference is already confirmed by several members of the U.S. government, including defense Minister James Mattis and Minister for internal security John Kelly.

The Munich security conference is an annual conference held in Munich (Germany) since 1962. Before 1993 it was called a conference on military issues and conducted under the auspices of the Christian social Union, since 1998, funded by the German government.

Recall, the military aggression of Russian Federation against sovereign Ukraine was topic No. 1 at last year’s 52nd Munich security conference.

Poroshenko goes to Munich security conference 25.01.2017

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