Poroshenko gave Sushchenko letter, which said that making every effort for his release

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has sent the illegally detained in the Russian Federation to the journalist of the National news Agency «UKRINFORM» Roman Sushchenko letter, which assured that every day is taking all possible steps for early repatriation, says the Ukrainian lawyer mark Feigin.

«The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko wrote to my client, journalist Roman Sushchenko in prison,» — wrote in his Facebook page Feigin on Tuesday and posted a screenshot of this letter.

In a partially handwritten document reads: «Dear Roman Vladimirovich (these words are handwritten, then typewritten, ed.), the difficult time is now, our Ukraine, and to You hardest. Today, when You are cut off from family and friends, would like to bring You into the New year with a strong belief in the power of unity, which knows no boundaries and no obstacles. Your compatriots are morally with You nearby. For You going through the whole country. Only in this unity we will win and endure all the trials that come across our way of life».

Next, the text notes that Sushchenko waiting at home, and the head of state is taking all possible measures for the return of the Ukrainian Home: «Be assured that at home waiting for not only You, I, as President every day are working hard for Your speedy return.»

Ends with a letter handwritten with the words: «With great respect and optimism» and signature.

Sushenok lawyer mark Feigin, free turn, in his account tweeted that visited Sushchenko in jail «Lefortovo» (Moscow), where holding Ukrainian. «They say Hello, thanks for the congratulations. The President of Ukraine of the Novel supported», — said the lawyer.

Answering the question in the page in Feybuke about when Sushchenko received a letter, Feigin noted that the letter «today it is the Consul».

Recall the FSB on 30 September in Moscow detained a correspondent of the Ukrainian news Agency «UKRINFORM» Roman Sushchenko, calling him a member of the Ukrainian intelligence service, which allegedly «purposefully collected information on the activities of the armed forces and of national guard troops of the Russian Federation, which are a state secret».

A criminal case was opened under article «espionage». After the arrest Sushchenko the Lefortovo district court decided to arrest the journalist until November 30. On November 28 the court extended the arrest of Sushchenko until January 30, 2017.

Poroshenko gave Sushchenko letter, which said that making every effort for his release 10.01.2017

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