Poroshenko: danger of Ukraine’s sovereignty remains, the enemy is trying to disrupt the Minsk agreement

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine, and the enemy is trying to disrupt the Minsk agreement, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

«The next attempt of the enemy to disrupt the Minsk agreements show great risk and threat to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine», — said Poroshenko during the presentation of new and modernized samples of armament and military equipment of missile troops and artillery in the village.Divychky of the Kyiv oblast on Wednesday, April 27.

In such circumstances, according to him, the Ukrainian Armed forces are making every effort to securely hold the line of collision.

«In conditions of extreme necessity, in a time when our troops remain the object of attack, and when their lives are in danger, they have clear hard orders are to repulse the enemy, opening fire, and act efficiently as it is becoming,» said Poroshenko.

Earlier, Poroshenko said that the threat of open war of Russia against Ukraine above, than last year. He noted that on the territory of Ukraine is about 8 thousand Russian soldiers under the command of the Russian Federation, as well as that near the Ukrainian border were built new military bases of Russia and that Russia conducts regular military exercises.

On February 24 he announced that the prospect of resumption of hostilities in the East «is clearly visible on our radar».

Since the end of March virtually around the clock heavy fighting is underway in the industrial area of the Town. Russian hybrid army concentrated serious forces in Yasinovataya, Mineral and Yakovlivka and unsuccessfully trying to move the front line to the West.

Provocations also took place in zaytsevo. In particular, some shot by snipers the Russians and their mercenaries. Moreover, zaytsevo in part, controlled by the ATO, under attack by the terrorists hit a patrol of the OSCE mission.

Poroshenko: danger of Ukraine’s sovereignty remains, the enemy is trying to disrupt the Minsk agreement 27.04.2016

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