Poroshenko: crash «Boeing» will show who launched a rocket

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko notes that the restriction of the right of veto for permanent members of the UN security Council is consistent with the underlying purpose of the Organization, and no limit can be compared with the «license to kill». About this Poroshenko said during his October 4 interview to one of Ukrainian TV channels.

«There is a coordinated position with our partners regarding the limitation of the right of veto for permanent members of the UN security Council. We have clearly stated my arguments, it’s like a license to kill, when you can start military action without a mandate from the United Nations to start the aggression, to carry out the annexation of the sovereign territory of an independent country like Ukraine, and then in the security Council of the United Nations to block the investigation, to block retaliatory actions,» he said.

Poroshenko noted that the absence of such a mechanism actually makes meaningless the existence of the UN security Council if the country is a permanent member of the UN security Council is an aggressor.

«I am extremely pleased that this initiative has agreed to support our partners — France, it was joined by Mexico. Today we can say that almost a hundred countries have joined the initiative. In the first phase we will focus on the mandatory restriction a voluntary member of the UN security Council, and then the question will arise on amendments to the Charter», — said Poroshenko.

He noted that in favor of this scenario say the results of the meeting in the framework of the 70th UN General Assembly the country representatives who were the initiators of the UN decision on the establishment of the Tribunal for the organizers of the terrorist attack on the Malaysian Boeing flight MH-17.

«We clearly have coordinated our future steps, we know that on 13 October there will be preliminary results of the investigation. Unless we reveal them, because they will publish in a few days. The investigation will prove very convincingly, with what territory and who launched the missile that downed Malaysian plane, and the further blocking of this investigation is the fact of guilt,» said the head of state.

We will remind, on July 29, Russia at a meeting of the security Council of the United Nations have used the veto on a resolution on the establishment of an international Tribunal investigation into the shooting down of the plane Malaysian airlines «Boeing-777» of flight MH17 over Ukrainian territory on July 17, 2014 and the death of 298 people.

11 members of the meeting voted «for» the establishment of the Tribunal, 1 against, and 3 abstaining (China, Angola and Venezuela).

During the discussion, Russia’s permanent representative in the UN Security Council Vitaly Churkin in fact disgraced and accused Ukraine of the tragedy of MH-17. Also notorious diplomat made the symbolic reservation.

«Let’s hope that the investigation will understand, and impunity will come against those who shot down the plane, and those who were sent to the zone of hostilities», — he said.

Countries participating in the investigation will be to seek prosecution of the perpetrators of the crash of flight MH-17, despite the veto and prepare a new justice mechanism.

Ukraine, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium and discuss three main alternatives for the international Tribunal.

On 31 August the head of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the Tribunal can be created by agreement between the 5 countries.

The final report on the causes of the crash of flight MH17 will present on October 13.

Poroshenko: crash «Boeing» will show who launched a rocket 05.10.2015

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