Poroshenko and Biden hope that the new White house administration will continue to support Ukraine

Today, January 16 in Kiev held talks with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. After the meeting, the leaders held a joint briefing. This was reported by the press service of the President of Ukraine.

«We exchanged details with Mr Vice President opinion on ways to further build U.S.-Ukrainian strategic partnership. We respect the democratic choice of the American people and is ready for effective and fruitful cooperation with the new administration,» — said the Ukrainian President.

Biden hopes that the next White house administration will be a supporter of Ukraine
«Sanctions must remain to the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the liberation of the Crimea»

Poroshenko said that in Ukraine there is still bipartisan support from the U.S. Congress, as well as support from the presidential administration and the people.

«We appreciate this support and sincerely look forward to it. I hope that the Ukrainian issue will continue to unite the whole of American politics, and on the Ukrainian question will remain a priority,» — said the Ukrainian President.

He stressed that «the current aggressive Russia» is a threat to the United States, and Ukraine.

«Russia invaded our country, occupied part of the Donbass and the Crimea. The Crimea is Ukraine, and we are grateful that representatives of the new U.S. administration clearly are in these positions,» — said Poroshenko.

In this vein, the President noted encouraging signals regarding the position of Ukraine, voiced by the representatives of the team of Donald trump.

«I welcome the first encouraging signals, voiced during the Senate hearings of candidates for the post of Secretary of state Tillerson (Rex Tillerson – ed.) and the Minister of defense of Mattis (Mattis, James – ed.)», — said Poroshenko.

«This year marks three years as Russia has unleashed a real war against our country. It is a war which killed 10 million Ukrainians, civilian or military. The war continues today, only in the last three days of our military continued to fire more than 250 times», – said the head Ukrainian state.

Petro Poroshenko stressed that Russia seeks to avoid responsibility for aggression, trying to destabilize the internal situation in Ukraine.

Russia is also trying to split the TRANS-Atlantic and European unity.

«We can oppose these plans, in particular through the launch of the road map, the implementation of the Minsk agreements and continuation of successful internal reforms,» said Poroshenko.

The President stated gratitude to Biden for a clear and consistent position of the United States against Russia, and, in particular, the recent decision to expand sanctions against Russia.

Poroshenko stressed that these sanctions should remain in effect until you restore the integrity of the Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

The Ukrainian head of state expressed hope that the Ukrainian issue will continue to remain a priority of the United States.

We will note, in November 2016, the President of Ukraine one of the first held telephone talks with the new President of the United States.

Trump takes office January 20 after the inauguration.

Biden hopes that the next White house administration will be on the side of Ukraine

«Americans, including nearly 1 million Americans of Ukrainian descent, understand that your success depends on very much… not only for Ukrainians but also for Europe and for the United States. If you continue in the same direction, you not only get a more open, more democratic, more prosperous future it deserves the people of Ukraine, but also provide the support and unity of the international community,» said Vice-President of the United States.

The Vice President of the United States expressed the hope that «the next administration will also be your advocate and partner in your future progress.»

However, Biden noted that to perform the tasks first of all, Ukraine itself and the Ukrainian people.

«The country’s leadership and the people should put the needs of Ukraine above narrow personal interests. You need to put the common good above parochial interests and negligible achievements. It concerns the government members, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada… the judges… the media, civil society and ordinary citizens,» — said Vice-President of the United States.

«If you are able to continue reforms, Mr. President, if you continue to work hard and make choices that will put Ukraine above all else, I guarantee you: the American people will support you,» concluded Biden.

Recall, December 8, 2015 was a historic Biden’s speech in the Verkhovna Rada.

«Sanctions must remain to the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the liberation of the Crimea»

Vice President Joe Biden says that the Minsk process is the only way Ukraine to remain United.

«I know how hard you keep believing in the Minsk process, when Russia refuses to fulfill its obligations under the security. We know that this process is the only viable basis for resolving the conflict in the Donbass, the restoration of control of Ukraine on the East and regain control over the border,» Biden said.

«For Ukraine this process is the only hope to move forward as a United state,» added Biden.

He acknowledged that the political part of the agreement cannot be implemented until the violence stops from the Russian Federation.

«After Russia and its minions in the East will fulfill its commitments to halt hostilities and give the Donbass to establish peace and security can be expected from Ukraine’s full implementation of its political commitments,» Biden said.

«For anybody not a secret that Russia doesn’t want you succeeded, Mr. President. This concerns not only Ukraine — this is about the future we seek — a holistic, peaceful Europe,» — said Biden.

«Your success of a free democracy is very important lo realize this goal,» he said.

Biden also said that sanctions against Russia should remain in force as long as it does not fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements.

«And the sanctions against Russia related to Crimea should stay until Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine», — said Biden.

January 13, US President Barack Obama has extended for one year the sanctions against Russia because of its aggression in Ukraine.

In turn, the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump said it will maintain sanctions against Russia «at least for some time» and linked their withdrawal with the reduction of nuclear weapons.

Poroshenko and Biden hope that the new White house administration will continue to support Ukraine 16.01.2017

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