Poroshenko additionally declared UAH 1.9 mln interest

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko additionally declared the income from interest in the International investment Bank (IIB) for a total amount of 1 594 928 UAH, UNIAN reports.

In particular, Poroshenko declared 62,162 million UAH of income in 2015, of which salary is 121 thousand UAH.

In addition, the President indicated interest income in the amount of UAH 12.3 million and investment income of $ 59,2 million.

Also in Bank accounts of head of state hosted 540,4 thousand UAH 26.3 million U.S. dollars and 14.3 thousand Euro. The President also holds cash — UAH 900 thousand and 60 thousand dollars.

In addition, Poroshenko has declared $ 3.8 million and 1.1 million UAH as amounts owed to third parties. Contributions to credit unions and other nonbank financial institutions amount to 8.1 million.

The wife of the President of the Bank accounts placed UAH 71.1 thousand and 8,9 thousand Euro.

According to the Declaration, the President is the owner of the 104 companies in Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, British virgin Islands, Holland, Hungary, Lithuania, China, Russia, and Poland.

It should be noted that IIB is also owned by Poroshenko.

«All the valuable movable and immovable property: housing, land, cars, paintings, jewelry was purchased (not leased), to the presidency. Moreover, most of the property was acquired at a time when I was not in the public service», — he stressed.

«Several times revised the official biography of Poroshenko… the Only time when Poroshenko was engaged in business — is 1993-1998. The rest of the time he or the MP, or the Secretary of the national security Council, or the head of the NBU Council or the Minister in the government of Yanukovych and the like. Does this mean that all of his firms created during the period 1993-1998? Or I something not seen?» — said the people’s Deputy Serhiy Vlasenko from the opposition «Fatherland».

«Since 1998… Poroshenko is officially civil servants. 18 years in a row. Accordingly, his business and the majority of success in business at least rely on the basis of the civil service that is forbidden by law», — noted the chief editor of the project «Novinama» Dmitry Likhov.

Declaration of the Ukrainian President appeared for an hour before deadline .

In Parliament insist that Poroshenko does not have among their property a Villa in the Spanish town of Marbella and individual works of art. Whereas in the spring administration of the President explained that from a legal point of view Villa is owned by Prime Capital Assets, which is owned by Poroshenko, and Poroshenko personally, not as individuals.

Poroshenko additionally declared UAH 1.9 mln interest 07.11.2016

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