«Popular front» will support the performance of the GPU on the lifting of immunity of deputies – Bourbaki

The parliamentary faction «people’s front» will support the presentation of the Prosecutor General on the deprivation of immunity of six deputies, reports a press-political force service.

«It was decided by the majority faction to vote for the deprivation of immunity of six deputies,» – said on 10 July after a meeting of the faction, its head Maksym Burbak.

He said that the VR regulations Committee has considered the submission of the five MPs, but this week will consider the representation by one MP.

«Expect law enforcement agencies to fight against corruption further submissions on the odious representatives of the Yanukovych regime. And that none of the heads of anti-corruption agencies will not cover their colleagues, deputies on the same ideas,» – said Bourbaki.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine sent to the Verkhovna Rada representation on lifting the parliamentary immunity of six deputies: Andrey Lozovoy (faction of the Radical party), Oles Dovgy («the will of the people»), Eugene Deydey and Maksym Polyakov (people’s front), Borislav Rosenblatt (Block Petro Poroshenko) and Mikhail Dobkin (the Opposition bloc).

GPU impute to them various articles, which include corruption, tax evasion and illegal enrichment.

The procedural Committee of the Council has already considered the submission by Dade, Dovgy, Lozovo, Polyakov and Rosenblatt. On the first four MPs, the Committee came to the conclusion that the performance of the GPU is insufficiently substantiated or contain significant drawbacks. According to Rosenblatt, the regulation Committee of the Parliament called the General Prosecutor’s office is completely legitimate and reasonable.

Speaker Andrew paruby said that in the sessional hall the issue of removal of inviolability from these deputies can be made at the last plenary week of the session.

The regulation Committee will consider the removal of immunity Dobkin, July 12.

«Popular front» will support the performance of the GPU on the lifting of immunity of deputies – Bourbaki 11.07.2017

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