Popov told his version of the events of 30 November 2013: Lyovochkin did not say

Accused of involvement in the crackdown of the student Euromaidan on the night of 30 November 2013 the former head of the KSCA Alexander Popov said that he talked with the then head of the presidential administration Sergey Levochkin nor the day before or after those events. He told about it in interview «Interfax-Ukraine».

«If this attitude (Levochkin the dispersal of the Euromaidan) is, I about it do not know» – said Popov.

«First, I had no communication with Levochkin nor before, nor after the events on the Maidan, even over the phone. Frankly, these statements seem ridiculous to me,» said the former head of the KSCA.

«It’s simple: there is a «Berkut» – a special unit that carried out the orders exclusively from the interior Ministry. And good, this is where it would be worthwhile to begin to ask questions,» he said.

According to the former head of the KSCA, this internal investigation at the interior Ministry was conducted.

«Even two: the first was signed by the Minister Zakharchenko, the second Avakov. Then there were the investigation of the Verkhovna Rada under the leadership of Muscovite. None of the names of priests or Lyovochkin did not,» says Popov.

According to his version, 29 November 2013 the participants of the Maidan announced the termination of the action, took the stage and announced the continuation of shares on December 1, what he learned from the news.

«The same day I received a call from the leadership of the national security Council (Secretary-which was then Andriy Klyuyev). I was recommended to be ready to deliver designs Christmas trees and Christmas paraphernalia in the night from 29 to 30 November. According to special services, as I explained, it was the only safe period, a minimum presence of people on the Maidan did not give reason for conflict. I gave appropriate orders. But what happened next still remains a mystery,» – said Popov.

As you know, priests are suspected of committing criminal offenses under part 2 of article 28 (Commission of crime by group of persons by prior conspiracy), article 340, part 2 (illegal preventing of the organization or holding of meetings, rallies, demonstrations and campaigns officer), article 27 (complicity in crime) and part 3 St. 365 (abuse of power or official authority) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, in connection with the events on the Maidan in late November 2013.

His case was referred to the Shevchenko district court of Kyiv in February 2015. Held 42 meetings and yet continues the questioning of victims, which in this case 84.

According to the lawyer Popov Maxim Dyrdina, it is planned to interrogate more than 300 witnesses, and then will examine evidence and a large number of documents submitted by the prosecution.

As you know, the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during videotapes on 28 November declared that «Berkut» exceeded their powers Nov 30, 2013. He did not rule out involvement in Levochkina.

MP Serhiy Lyovochkin said that not involved in the dispersal of a peaceful protest on 30 November 2013. In his opinion, the blame for the beating of protesters on the Maidan rests on «the then repressive machine of the authorities», and in particular, ex-Minister of internal Affairs Vitaly Zakharchenko.

Popov told his version of the events of 30 November 2013: Lyovochkin did not say 30.11.2016

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