Pope on the Declaration with the head ROC: I understand the feelings of Ukrainians

Pope Francis during the flight from Mexico to Rome during the traditional communication with journalists commented on the meeting with the Russian Patriarch Kirill, signed on 12 February a joint Declaration, as well as an interview with the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) on the document. This was reported by «Vatican Radio».

The head of the Catholic Church stressed his respect for his Beatitude Sviatoslav, noting that knows him well, because for four years they worked together in Buenos Aires.

«When he is 42, he was elected Supreme Archbishop, that indicates that this is a worthy man, he came to Buenos Aires to pick up his things, and came to me and gave me the icon of the blessed virgin Mary, saying: «She accompanied me throughout life. I want to leave you that supported me during these four years»,» said Pope Francis.

According to him, this is one of the few things that he asked me to bring from Buenos Aires and holds it on your desktop.

«So, this is a person who have great respect and feel a closeness because we turn «you»», — said the head of the Catholic Church.

Commenting on an interview in which the head of the UGCC said that many believers feel «loyal» and «disappointed» that Pope Francis stressed that this is only one proposal from a large interview in which his Beatitude Sviatoslav clearly positions himself as a son of the Church in communion with the Bishop of Rome, speaks of his intimacy with the Pope and the faith.

«I have repeatedly mentioned the Ukrainian people, calling for prayer and solidarity, for example in prayer «the angel of the Lord» or General audiences,» said Pope.

According to the head of the Catholic Church, although on the situation in Ukraine, the document is controversial, the Declaration clearly called for an end to the war and to reach an understanding.

«Ukraine is now in a state of war, of suffering, of various interpretations. About the historical fact of this war everyone has their own ideas: what it’s for war, who started it, how, how to complete it,» he said.

«It is clear that this is a historical problem, but it is an existential problem of this country, associated with suffering,» added Dad.

«I personally say that you should perform Minsk agreement. The Roman Church, the Pope has always called to «Seek peace!» I took both presidents,» said Pope Francis.

He noted that in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine is Nuncio, supporting soldiers, helping the wounded, and recalled that the Catholic Church also sent a lot of assistance for victims, continuously calling for peace and respect of the signed agreements.

We will remind, following the results of meeting on Cuba, Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill signed a joint Declaration with 30 points. Two of them directly concern Ukraine , in particular, referred to the «contribution to the reconciliation between the Greek Catholics and the Orthodox where there is tension.»

Pope on the Declaration with the head ROC: I understand the feelings of Ukrainians 19.02.2016

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