Ponomariov: I took a salary, a car, $200 thousand, I was able to complete a restart. Started in 2014 with $20 in his pocket

Ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian emigre Ilya Ponomarev in the program «BATMAN» editor-in-chief of the edition «GORDON» Alesya Batsman on the channel «112 Ukraine» said that they made the money again after a foreclosure of his property in Russia.

«I’ve never been super-rich man. All the money invested in the policy. Do you remember «thing SKOLKOVO»… They were so puzzled! Were confident that at the Deputy something should be, but they can’t find the $750 thousand See movement on all accounts, because it all comes from state-owned companies, it is impossible, accordingly, is to hide in the offshore. Everything happened in Russia. So if I got the money appropriated, they are somewhere on some account should appear. But they are not! The thing is known,» – said Ponomarev.

According to him, the money was not paid in royalties, and stood out to organize a series of events for «SKOLKOVO».

«In the end, they drew me a certain obligation. $750 thousand are unable to draw. The debt is somewhere in the 200 thousand dollars. Taking away salary, a car, something else, totally they these $200 thousand and pulled. They performed their task. I was able to complete restart, restart. Started in 2014 with zero. With $20 in his pocket,» – said the politician.

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In 2015, the Imprint of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against Ponomariov, he was suspected of complicity in the embezzlement of funds of the Fund «SKOLKOVO» in the amount of more than 22 million roubles In the same year, the first state Duma was deprived of his parliamentary immunity and then gave consent for the arrest.

These actions against yourself Ponomarev called politically motivated. In 2014 he lived in the United States.

10 June 2016, the Russian state Duma has deprived of the mandate Ponomareva allegedly for absenteeism. According to the voting, for this decision voted 413 MPs voted against the three – Dmitri Gudkov, Sergei Petrov and Ponomarev.

July 24, 2016 Ponomarev have been granted a temporary residence in Ukraine.

Ponomariov: I took a salary, a car, $200 thousand, I was able to complete a restart. Started in 2014 with $20 in his pocket 29.03.2018

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