Ponomarev: Putin is seriously thinking about the restoration of the monarchy. The Romanov dynasty was invited to lead the Crimea after capture

Former Russian state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev in the program «BATMAN» editor-in-chief of the edition «GORDON» Alesya Batsman on the channel «112 Ukraine» said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin thinks about the restoration of the monarchy in Russia.

«It seems to me that is seriously thinking of recreating a full-fledged monarchical ritual. Until the restoration of the monarchy… there was a General Francisco Franco, head of Spain, who secured their personal safety, which is mostly on the agenda of Putin in this period, through the restoration of the monarchy,» said Ponomarev.

He noted that the monarch, being a man, not involved in the political process, «which power is not given by the will of the people, but from God», can guarantee the personal integrity to anyone, including Putin.

«There’s the Romanov dynasty. It has already begun to prepare just in case. Invited, in particular, to lead the Crimea after capture. And those were not that much against it. Just become clear that they are unlikely to keep the situation in the Crimea. They are too far from the actual Russian life. But for the ceremonial post of national scale it is quite good. There may be other scenarios. Can the Zemsky Sobor to hold and, in fact, elect a monarch,» said the politician.

He stressed that talking about constitutional monarchy.

«English example is here most relevant. This family is very rich, that is considered normal. The hand on the button all the time, because the Queen of England appoints the Prime Minister. But at the same time, it remains on the sidelines. Such a monarch will be able to solve the most important task facing the Putin – guarantees of immunity. The procedure of restoration of the monarchy will give him the opportunity to leave from punishment in international tribunals,» said Ponomarev.

Former Russian MP has admitted that Putin himself might want to become monarch.

«But to me it would seem more reasonable to return to the previous dynasty. This would ensure him a place in history that he wants. Place deeply conservative man who finally buried the Russian revolution of 1917. It is indeed deeply anti-revolutionary, counter-revolutionary people. Psychologically, such a thing would look very beautiful,» – said Ponomarev.

He noted that Putin, this idea should be implemented until 2024.

«Plenty of time. Probably now will be a rat race potential successors who could be President. Understand all about the type of people that will participate in this race. And Putin will continue to weigh which option is more real. For him, I repeat, the main thing is personal safety. It is quite a reasonable man. Not very intelligent, not very brave, but very sensible, a man of common sense. Although the application of common sense limited in time – he’s a tactician, not a strategist. He is a good psychologist. It is important that people who will come after him, she would provide him protection both inside the country and abroad», – said the politician.

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In the Constitution of the Russian Federation stated: «Russia is a democratic Federal legal state with a Republican form of government».

March 15, 2017, the speaker of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, said that Putin cool refers to debates over the return to Russia of the monarchical form of government.

Ponomarev: Putin is seriously thinking about the restoration of the monarchy. The Romanov dynasty was invited to lead the Crimea after capture 31.03.2018

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