Poltorak considers provocation an exit of fighters from Shirokino

The output of illegal armed groups from Shirokino near Mariupol is a provocation against the Ukrainian military. This opinion today in Kharkov in the comment to journalists was expressed by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, reports UNIAN.

The Minister has not excluded that the situation of illegal armed groups can use in order to accuse Ukraine of disrupting the Minsk agreements.

«The issue here is somewhat related to the military cunning fighters, I think. They are gone, but they left there all mined. I think they are trying to catch at least something, they try to provoke us. They want us to come in Shirokino, and then there commit terrorist acts to undermine our units, including, then accusing us that we break the negotiations, which we first entered. This is the tactics of the fighting: «the stab in the back», — said Poltorak.

He once again stressed that the Ukrainian army will fulfill Minsk agreement.

«We will implement the Minsk agreements. At the Minsk agreement, we must cease fire», — said the Poltorak.

As reported, Ukrainian servicemen on 24 February, took control of the village of Shirokino near Mariupol, part of which almost 1.5 years earlier were controlled by terrorists «DNR».

Poltorak considers provocation an exit of fighters from Shirokino 27.02.2016

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