Poltava is the only regional center which still ignores.

Poltava remains the only regional centre in whole Ukraine, where the process of decommunization not initiated, reported in Facebook the head of the Poltava regional state administration Valeriy Golovko.

From February 22 the authority for implementation of the law on the decommunization moved on to the Chairman of regional state administration.

To move the process forward, Golovko initiates a round table with the authorities of Poltava, deputies of the city Council and members of the public.

«De-communization in Poltava will be held so that it was not just the decision of the head of the administration, which looked at the historical background and renamed the street or square. This will be an agreed decision from both the regional and city authorities, but taking into account the views of Poltava», — he added.

According to Golovko, in General, in the Poltava region was renamed place names from 3123 3610. Not remain 487 renamed streets, squares, lanes (13.5 per cent).

Recall, among the major cities still have not changed any names contrary to the law of decommunization in Krivoy Rog Dnepropetrovsk region.

Poltava is the only regional center which still ignores. 29.02.2016

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