Poll: Schulz ahead of Merkel’s popularity among the population

The candidate for German Chancellor from the Social democratic party of Germany Martin Schulz is significantly ahead of another candidate, the current head of government Angela Merkel. This is according to the DeutschlandTrend opinion poll TV channel ARD.

«If the Germans could choose the Chancellor directly, at the moment is clearly ahead, Martin Schulz of the SPD,» reads the study.

50% would choose it. This is 9 points more in comparison with Wednesday of last week, when Schulz was nominated.

For Merkel would vote, 34% of respondents, which is 7 points less than a week ago.

Exactly half of respondents said that they would want a future government led by the SPD, 39% — bloc of the Christian Democratic Union and Christian social Union (CDU/CSU). «Very good for the country» I think a coalition of the SPD, CDU/CSU 43% of respondents.

As for support of the individual parties in the first place remains the CDU (Merkel’s party) from 34 percent (with a reduction of 3 percentage points), sharply, by 8%, increased support for the SPD – to 28%; the «Alternative for Germany» is supported by 12% — 3% less than a week ago; the Left and the Green got 8% with the same drop in ratings of the 1%.

We will remind, on January 24 SPD SPD somewhat unexpectedly put forward a candidate for the post of Chancellor in the parliamentary elections not the party Chairman, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabrieland Martin Schulz, who a few days before it was removed from itself powers of the head of the European Parliament.

The opinion of the citizens is the General trend, however, vote for the future head of the government will not them, and selected them on 24 September, 2017 members of the Bundestag. So what’s important is the support of parties – Chancellor shall be a representative of the one that gets the majority in the future Parliament.

Poll: Schulz ahead of Merkel’s popularity among the population 03.02.2017

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