Poll: cause of rising populism in the EU is the fear of globalization

The main reason for the growth of populism in Europe is fears of globalization, loss of national independence. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation among the 15 thousand citizens of the European Union.

«Data from our study show that in the first place the fear of globalization is pushing many to turn away from the political mainstream and to appeal to populist parties,» the document says.

EU globalization as a blessing and a chance to see development is still slightly more than half of Europeans – 55%, with «Globo-optimists» are 61% of respondents aged 18-25 years. But the situation varies by country. So 55% of French and 54% of Austrians called the idea of joint development of Nations more of a threat, but in the Netherlands of only 41%, 45% in Germany, in Hungary, 46% in Italy and Spain – 39%.

The trend is more clearly observed by the parties. In particular, in Germany the effects of globalization fear 78% of sympathizers of the «Alternative for Germany», in France, this cause was called for 76% of followers of the National Front, Austria – 69% of the supporters of the Austrian Freedom party and 66% of supporters of the Northern League in Italy.

It is noteworthy that the lower the level of education, level of income and above age of the respondents, the more they support populist parties, I find the staff of the Fund. To the surprise of the researchers themselves, the so-called «conflict of values» was not the main cause of rising populism and, accordingly, euroscepticism.

We will note, earlier at the election of the presidents of Moldova and Bulgaria’s Pro-Russian candidate won, and one of the favorites of the race in France called the «friend of the Kremlin».

Also recently, the Danish foreign Ministry was headed by outspoken eurosceptic.

Poll: cause of rising populism in the EU is the fear of globalization 01.12.2016

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