Polish TV channel showed a propaganda film about the Maidan. Embassy of Ukraine is disappointed

The Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, disappointed by the unfriendly gesture of the Polish TV channel TVN24, which showed disrespect for millions of Ukrainians, showing today, February 21, deceitful and manipulative the movie Field of Morari «Ukraine: Mask of the revolution».

This is stated in the statement of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland, published in Facebook.

The most painful fact that this film is a Polish television channel «timed» to the second anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, said the diplomats.

The Embassy appealed to the audience of the TV channel «TVN24», introduced this film is misleading.

«Two years ago Ukrainians went on Maidan under bullets, protecting European values, honor and dignity of the people, the right to choose its European future. And today, they continue to sacrifice their lives to assert the independence of Ukraine and to stop Russian Imperial appetites of the aggressor that threatened the democratic world, including Poland,» said the diplomats.

They expressed the hope that the Polish people, who «during the years of its history have learned to appreciate the truth and reveal the insidious lie, give a decent assessment of this film, as well as the fact of his showing on the TV channel TVN24».

At the same time, the Embassy of Ukraine expects explanations from the editor of the TV channel TVN24, why many existing objective paintings about the events of the Maidan was selected because it is a deceitful creation of Pro-Russian propaganda, which insults the memory of the Heroes of the Revolution of Dignity.

«Please continue to exercise caution and not pander to those forces, which act not only against European Ukraine, but against European Poland and a friendly Polish-Ukrainian relations», — added in the Embassy.

As reported, the Polish TV channel TVN24 showed today scandalous and manipulative French film «the Mask of the revolution» on the Euromaidan.

For the first time the film aired on the French TV channel Canal+ in early February. Against the screening of the film protesting the Ukrainian community and the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris. Kiev accused the author of painting in the manipulation of comments and the generation of prejudice.

«The mask of the revolution» is a documentary film shot in the style of conspiracy theory and Russian propaganda, misinformed Europeans about the events in Ukraine in winter 2013-2014, and is disrespectful to people who died for the democratic future of their country.

Note, the Russian propaganda machine is directly and indirectly trying to discredit the image of Ukraine in Europe, to disrupt its current Western geopolitical choice.

Polish TV channel showed a propaganda film about the Maidan. Embassy of Ukraine is disappointed 22.02.2016

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