Polish lawyers are preparing claims on restitution in Ukraine, experts call it fraud

In Poland, prepared for filing in courts in Lviv and Ternopil, the first claims for the return of the former Polish estates in Ukraine. It is reported by the Polish edition of Prawica.

The opportunity the Europeans came after Ukraine signed the Association agreement with the EU. Then followed another two claims in Kiev and Kharkov.

«We never thought to cook the first lawsuits in different courts, thus creating precedents in distant from each other regions. Just in these cases, the best preserved documents,» said Konrad Rekas, Chairman of the organization, which during the year gathered material for a thousand six hundred of claims for restitution.

«Among the property, such as dwelling house with adjacent outbuildings, and twelve acres of agricultural land in the village. The’nytsya-Podil’s’ka, Borshchiv district, Ternopil region, with an estimated value of sixty thousand dollars. Residential building, usable area of sixty three square meters, with an adjoining workshop tin with a plot for the construction of twelve hundred square meters in Kovelska district of Volyn region (about seventy-eight thousand dollars plus compensation),» says Rekas.

Also, the Polish side is interested in the return of the former landed estates in the Rivne region in thirteen and a half hectares of land worth almost seventy thousand dollars and two residential buildings in Kyiv compensation for the exploitation of copper mine in the Kharkiv region, the cost of which is estimated at half a million.

«All of these actions are possible in connection with the termination of the moratorium on the sale of land in Ukraine from 1 January 2017 and the withdrawal by the European Commission restrictions on the ownership of land in foreign countries», – writes the edition.

Characteristically, the Polish citizens who commented on this article in the Polish edition, suggest Ukraine otvergali these claims. They give the example of the position of Poland in the policy of restitution, which essentially limited the rights of German refugees expelled in 1945, at the former property in Western Poland.

Some Polish commentators openly call these lawsuits the fraud of easy money and recommend Ukrainians not to be gullible and do not trust the blackmail.

As reported, the foreign Ministry accused the EU of violating the Association agreement with Ukraine.

Help. Restitution (lat. restitutio — the restoration) — in international law form of compensation for material damage resulting from the unlawful international act by restoring the state that existed before it occurs. Can be done in different ways.

Note, in recent years between Poland and Ukraine is also increasing tension due to the historical evaluation of the Volyn tragedy.

Polish lawyers are preparing claims on restitution in Ukraine, experts call it fraud 19.11.2016

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